Temporary friends we meet on a trip

As people travel, they are likely to meet many random people along the way with whom they become temporary friends. They can chat from another part of the country or from another country and feel like friends. They can meet people who give the sun their day.

Even with today's amazing technology and popularity of social media, you'll never see these people again. Your path will probably not cross again in this world. Yet you will become friends for a short time. Sometimes you can exchange business cards or email addresses, but there is little opportunity to interact or see the person again.

When we were in Rome recently, the hotel offered a bus at certain times of the day so that guests could enter the city from the hotel. While chatting with some people on the bus, we found that they were from the same state in the United States where we once lived. We were quite familiar with the small town where they lived. We even mentioned some people we knew together. It was nice talking to them. However, we did not exchange names and contact information. We thought we might see them again at the hotel, but we never saw them again. However, they seemed like friends for a short time.

There was a time when I was traveling alone at the airport with a layoff. As I was waiting in a plane in the standby mode, I waited with another person. There were three of us who did not board this plane, so we were waiting for the next free flight in standby mode. We talked for hours that we waited together. We looked at each other & # 39; luggage. We shared snacks. We felt we were friends for a short time. They were the kind of people I might want to make lasting friends with, but the temporary friendship ended when we got on the plane. We never changed names, but for a while we felt like friends.

These are usually temporary friendships that can last only a few minutes or maybe a few days when people are on tour or staying at the same hotel. They are short-lived and are unlikely to continue after people go home and return to daily life. These temporary friends can bring a little sunshine and brightness to a person's life, if perhaps they are alone. Meetings with temporary friends that we come across during travel can make traveling fun.