forex trading strategies based on an inverted pyramid

As a trader, you must develop a Forex trading strategy that will allow you to quickly identify flaws and make adjustments while continuing to trade. The classical approach, which is used to assess the risks in currency trading system – is an inverted pyramid. All macroeconomic factors affecting the selected currency pair, with & # 39 are a function of the top of the inverted pyramid. All technical factors are taken into account when moving to the bottom of the pyramid. Merchants weight assigned to different parts of the pyramid. Purely technical traders may give greater weight to the bottom of the inverted pyramid (downward triangle), and fundamental traders may give greater weight to the top.

In order to take advantage of the inverted pyramid, you will need to understand the macroeconomic factors, a & # 39 are a function of the top of the inverted pyramid. These include international issues affecting the global trading community. These types of questions can be evaluated from the news and news with global illumination. News networks such as CNN, provide the actual coverage of terrorism, oil prices and other similar issues.

To take account of technical factors that apply to the pyramid, you will need to determine specifics and sediment in the particular market in which you trade, as well as in any market, which affects the market in which you trade. You must determine the type of technical indicators that will be used in your Forex trading strategy. Some traders rely on chance and coincidence, while others are engaged in more sophisticated mathematical computations to calculate weighted moving averages. You should be able to develop and visualize the picture of the market, which determines the events that are important to influence the market. You should also develop a general mood of the market. News and specific market reports will help you to create a picture of the market, as well as indicate the market is directed in any direction.

You will need to determine which currency pairs are unstable depending on the macroeconomic environment and market conditions, which have been identified. You will need to know the market to identify and differentiate market indicators from events that have no real value. Your analysis of acquired data should indicate, or & # 39 are the trend of price movement or volatility in the currency trading system. You can then use this analysis to narrow your options to trades that offer the maximum potential.

You should be able to install the floor and the ceiling in his technical analysis to establish the level of trade, and then use those levels in your Forex trading strategy. Technical patterns that indicate the direction of trades in specific currency pairs should be developed. Once you have narrowed to a specific currency pair for trade, you will need to revise its market sediment as it comes to technical analysis. You will need to determine the point of entry and exit for the selected bidding.

Phrases you need to know when traveling

If you are traveling abroad, it is always advisable to learn the language first. However, if you do not have time to learn the language of the country you are visiting, you should at least know a few phrases that will be useful for your trip. For your convenience, we have divided our recommended list into categories.

Greeting people

The first phrases you usually use when traveling are greetings. Try adjusting the time, if applicable. Many languages ​​have both familiar and official greetings, so always use the right one, depending on whether you know the person well or not.

• Hello!

• How are you?

• Good day.

• Good morning.

• Good day.

• Good evening.

• Good night.

• It's nice to meet you.

Be polite

There are certain phrases that you use in almost every situation. In these conversations with non-English speakers, they must be polite and polite.

• please…

• Thank you …

• Excuse me …

• Sorry …

• it is my pleasure …

• Good day …

• Travel safely …

• I'm sorry. I do not understand.

On the way

Because you are likely to travel abroad by plane, we focused on the section that you need to use at the airport – though some of these apply regardless of which mode of transport you choose.

• At what time can the plane depart / arrive?

• Where is the [airline name] ticket vendor?

• I would like [water, food, etc.].

• Where is the gateway [airline name]?

• Where is the restroom?

• This luggage must be checked.

• This luggage is included.

• What time is it?

With customs agents

Some phrases can be especially helpful when going to customs. Remember to add polite phrases and be as polite as possible to customs brokers.

• I'm on vacation [or at work].

• I'm on a connecting flight.

• I stay [several] days.

• I visit my family [address].

• I am staying at a hotel [Hotel name].

Once in a while

There are many different phrases that you need to know after passing the customs and reaching your destination.

• Where can I find a taxi?

• Where is the bus stop?

• Where is this bus going?

• Where is currency exchange?

• I want to go [name of hotel or destination].

• Does my room have a private bathroom?

• How many beds are in my room?

• What floor is my room on?

• I would like [number] beds please.

• Where is the elevator?

• My room needs cleaning.

• I need [clean towels, toilet paper, room service] please.


Once you've reached your destination, use these phrases to help you get around, eat or just enjoy a quick chat with the locals.

• Where is the food market?

• Where is the nearest restaurant?

• Where is the nearest bar?

• Where is the bank?

• How far is it [destination name]?

• I need a table for [number of people].

• Do I see the menu?

• I would like [food or drink].

• Can I get a check please?


Unfortunately, emergencies can happen anywhere. Use these phrases to get the help you need.

• I need help.

• My friend needs help.

• Where is the hospital?

• I need a doctor.

• I have lost my passport.

• Someone stole my money.

• Help!

The better you know the language of the country you are visiting, the better. But knowing even a few key phrases can be a huge advantage when trying to move abroad and enjoy your stay there. Most importantly, be polite and respectful of other people and their customs and culture. Remember, when you visit a foreign country, you represent the United States in many ways, so putting your best foot on not only good for you as an individual, but also for your country of origin.

How to integrate economic calendar in their trade

After learning about the Forex daily statistics, you will be able to better manage their risk as a trader and understand how to relate different currencies. You can also learn how different forex pairs move in different time frames.

economic calendar
As a trader, you should be aware of the major economic announcements. If you trade on a daily basis, to close all positions before the new will be scheduled on the & # 39; reality. Only start trading again after the news.

If you slow trading, I make sure that you are aware of any important economic news that may be declared. If the stop loss you are extremely close to the value before the news announcement, you can think about closing a position, because of the & # 39; reality can lead to significant speed / jumping, making a stop-loss to be ineffective.

Current interest rates
Knowing the current interest rates in some areas, it may be helpful if you hold long-term positions that would be subject peragorttsy every night. The transition occurs when you set off, or debetuyuts the difference in interest rates of the two currencies, which are present in the forex pair.

Forex correlations Statistics
They tell how the pair refers to how the other moves. For example, you may have one pair that moves almost identically to the second. In this situation, you should choose the one that you like best, and then sell it. Taking full position size for both of these currencies, you will double your reward or risk, because if you lose or win one, you're probably going to have the same results in the second.

Statistics forex volatility
They show how the pair moves – on average – for a certain period of time. This will help you estimate how long it might take the price to achieve a specific price target, and can also help in the establishment of the stop-loss and target levels.

Pip Calculator
This shows the amount that should pips, depending on the time that you are trading. Each currency will be worth a different amount compared to other currencies. Then profit / loss amount generated by each point of the movement, which is set by the currency pair you are trading. On the pip value is also influenced by the currency in which your account is.

Constantly aware of these statistics, you minimize the risks due to unnecessary risks, thus increasing the chances of profit.

Don't forget the world around you, start traveling today

Almost everyone wants to travel more, but many continue to postpone their life-changing trips. You never know what tomorrow will be, which is why it is so important to start experiencing the world today. The world is full of wonders waiting to be explored.

Many things make traveling so difficult, but the biggest thing is the price. Many have travel plans for the future but do not have the money to support their dreams. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely reduce costs. However, working with a representative ensures that you get the most competitive prices on the market.

Most agents are eager to work with you and find the best deal for you. Agents usually have inside information that you do not do as a civilian. This means that they may find you deals that are not always easily accessible to the public. They can also take your budget into account and plan your trip accordingly.

Funds may not be a problem, but you just don't know where to start. Traveling the world can be a daunting task. If you have never been to the area, you may not know exactly what to expect. You can always read reviews online, but you still don't have the direct expertise of experts.

Working with an agent can help you find the best budget resorts and tours. Because they've worked with so many clients before you, they have real-life experiences to consider when planning your trip. You can customize how much you work with your agent, from basic hotel booking to planning a complete itinerary.

Another common fear many international travelers have is that they get scammed. Booking a hotel or tour in another country can be very scary. Agents have worked with many resorts in the past and know which ones are safe. This will ensure that your money is always safe and well spent.

Another great thing about working with your company when planning your next trip is that you have payment protection. The worst thing that can happen to someone planning a trip is last-minute cancellation. Most agencies offer you payment protection until the end of your trip. Life is very unexpected and payment protection is crucial to your future aspirations.

If you are not sure where you want to go or just want to know more about travel, it is never painful to talk to one of your agents. When you partner with an agent, they can let you know what to expect in different areas, while also providing you with valuable insights into the basic cost of many trips. Most websites allow you to request an offer from an agent or have contact information.

Don't miss life without fully enjoying the world around you. Not only is vacationing all over the world fun, it can be extremely enriching for your life. Partnering with a knowledgeable representative will give you the best care while ensuring that your trip is exactly the way you want it to be.

You will get complete peace of mind in cooperation with an experienced representative. Find out that you get the best trip for your money. You can also be sure that the resort you book is of the highest quality. Not sure what tomorrow will bring, start planning your dream vacation today.

Forex trading – What you need to know to make money

Trade Forex news very, very sexy. After all, who does not want to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for a few minutes and he knows that you simply earn more than working for a whole month! It sounds exciting, right? Well, let's look at some of the basics that you need to understand in order to successfully trade the news.

Let there will be clear. Volatility in the market immediately after the news caused great forex traders. No, the big forex traders do not like risk, and rather stupid and allow novice traders to compete with each other for their small crop of money. It sounds harsh, but it's true.

The reason why the price so hard to move after the main news bulletins, is not that the market goes in and out so much money. The reason for the instability in that large forex players are sitting on the sidelines, so there is no one to take the opposite side of our trades.

That is why the price can move up to 50 points as quickly – no one wants to sell what you buy, so the price just goes up and up, until it becomes high enough that someone is willing to sell now.

So that means that in order to capitalize on the news a stable money, you need to wait until volatility subsides. Otherwise, you can click the purchase button at 1.2700, but you do not fill up to 1.2725. About this time the market will begin to fall, and you will have from 50 to 100 points before you can close the trade.

Professional traders take the time to read and digest the news before entering the auction. That is why the price may rise to 200 points 2 hours (trading for beginners), but then the next 4 hours (professional trades) gives back. The reason is that professional traders interpret the news with a long-term perspective and begin to sell. This leads to a drop in the market.

Thus, the best way to trade the news – to weaken the market – that is, to place orders for higher and lower current price, that both won in the extreme instability phase. Once one order is filled, cancel the other. This assures that you get in the market, if you like, and you can trade your plan without the intervention of market instability.

Money Saving Tips When Traveling

We all love making bucket lists, traveling, exploring new places, and adding at least one destination to our list. Traveling is definitely the best hobby, it is rather a passion that gives our souls adventures, makes us learn things, broadens our knowledge and even makes us feel better. At least a trip should be planned every year. Is it easy? Absolutely not. We need money. We need money for almost every need and a little more for travel. Many of the people I've come in contact with will save some of their income for their travel adventures. There are always some problems when you plan to actually think things out. You can still make your trip affordable if you are just smart when traveling. Here are some tips:

1. Don't book in a hurry:

The most important thing we remember when deciding on a trip is indeed travel and hotel booking. Many times we make such huge decisions in a hurry and we make the wrong decisions. What you should do is look well. Talk to your friends who have been to the city, they will definitely give you ideas or suggest an affordable place.

2. Don't be tempted to:

Yes, I know we all want a good place to stay. But tell me one thing, how much time do you actually spend in your room? Choose a room that is affordable and decent for you, instead of luxurious. The hotel wants to earn, but you can also act wisely.

3. Stay out of town:

Often the fees in the main places are quite high. You are unlikely to find a budget friendly option. No need to get angry. There is always Plan B. Staying out of town will also give you peace and the room of your choice.

4. Create and follow a budget:

In addition to the persistent problem, budgeting should be paramount. Make your own plans and stick to them. Don't flatter other things. Yes, you can cut a bit, the plan should not be too strict, but follow it as much as possible.

5. End season:

If you're planning an off-season trip, you'll find plenty of cheaper options. Airline tickets get low, stay there is easy and you can actually enjoy it.

Saving money is not a big deal. You just have to check yourself, put in some rules and follow them.

Forex Fortunes – use news

At one time trader I have never seen the benefits of & # 39; put as such, is suitable for traders who do not work on the floor. Usually, all that you hear in the news – this is old information in the trading game because the traders working in the field have access to it before anyone else.

Often traders on the floor already installed the correct position before you make a message. This puts the public trader at a disadvantage.

The forex market came and changed it, because there is no trading floor, so everyone gets the information at the same time. This creates equal conditions for all.

There are several on the & # 39; families that are made every month, that forex traders can take advantage of. Since everyone gets the information. At the same time, as if he on the floor. Some of the on & # 39; families that benefit traders have unemployment. interest rates. inflation. GDPand The consumer price index.

There are others, and you should also think about the & # 39; waking other countries. The use of these on the & # 39; ads can be very useful for a trader working on a part-time basis.

Often traders, who work part-time, do not have time to study the markets, but they can take advantage of a reaction to the & # 39; waking when they can.

Travel tips to help you streamline your travel

You finally have a few days off, which means you can go and rest for a few days without having to worry about work. Are you excited? While people are excited about traveling, they also feel a little fearful as it can be a hassle. However, it is important to remember that this only happens if you do not plan properly and take advantage of the technology that can be offered to you today. If you want to make your trip as smooth as possible, here are some great travel tips that you might find useful:

Get organized early

Being organized is one of the best ways to avoid last minute problems and fiascoes. If you decide to go somewhere, you should inform your credit card company or bank so that you do not have a payment problem. The next step is to check your travel documents before flying, as you want to make sure everything is up to date. This includes verifying that you have a valid visa for each destination that is part of your flight itinerary. If you find a problem at the eleventh hour, you may need to cancel your plans.

Take advantage of the technique

There is no denying that technology has made things easier, including travel. Gone are the days when you had to go to a new place in the dark, because now with technology, you can control everything in advance. You can find a variety of travel apps that can be tremendously useful. These include maps to help you navigate your new city and find places. Similarly, there are applications that allow you to get real-time flight updates, weather reports, and even find your restaurants according to your nutritional needs.

Please select a pre-order, if available

To avoid problems, it is advisable to check as many things as possible. Again, technology plays a role here, as you can now look at vacation rental websites, car rental websites to rent a car to pick you up from the airport, and more. This allows you to save a lot of your precious time and keep you pressured so you can stay stress free.

Avoid rushing

If you go on a holiday instead of a business trip, you want to be as relaxed as possible. This can only happen if you allow yourself time to reach the airport and ensure security. In this situation, you can use GPS to check your estimated driving time, and even mark the route that takes you there most quickly.

Be prepared for security

If you have traveled before, you know the security benefits. It is best to put your keys, jewelry and small electronic items in your hand luggage as this can save you time. No need to empty your pockets and get through easily. It is also necessary to ensure that you comply with all customized requirements when dealing with large electronic devices and fluids. In addition, you should also be familiar with the number of pieces of luggage or the weight limit you have in place. These requirements may vary from country to country and from airline to air, and you should know them in advance to avoid penalties and fines.

As long as you follow these tips, you can enjoy a smooth and relaxing journey without the hassle of working.

Kryptovalyuta and taxation

Kryptavalyuty with & # 39 appeared in the news recently because the tax authorities believe that they can be used for money laundering and tax evasion. Even the Supreme Court appointed special investigation team of black money by recommending a ban trading currency. While in China were forbidden to sell some of the largest operators in bitcoin trading, in countries such as the USA and Canada, there are laws to limit trade kryptavalyutay.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, as the name implies, uses encrypted codes for the transaction. These codes are recognized by other computers on the user community. Instead of using paper money online book is updated regular accounting records. Account spisuetstsa buyer and the seller's account is credited in a currency.

How are transactions on cryptocurrency?

If the transaction initiates one user, its computer sends the public key cipher or open, which interacts with the private cipher of the person receiving the currency. If the recipient receives a transaction, the initiating computer attaches a piece of code to a block of several such encrypted code, which is known to every user in the network. Special users are called & # 39; Miners & # 39; additional code can be attached to a public unit that solves the puzzle and cryptographic greater earning cryptocurrency in this process. After a miner confirm the transaction, the record in the block can not be modified or deleted.

Eg, BitCoin can be used on mobile devices, as well as make purchases. All you need to do is to allow the receiver to scan the QR-code from an application on your smartphone or bring them face-to-face, using communications Near Field (NFC). Please note that this is very similar to regular web wallets such as PayTM or MobiQuick.

Obedient BitCoin users swear by its decentralized nature, international recognition, anonymity, transaction consistency and data security. Unlike paper currency, no central bank does not control the inflationary pressure on cryptocurrency. Ledger transactions are stored in a network Peer-to-Peer. This means that each computer chip in their computing power and database copies are stored on each node in this network. On the other hand, banks store transaction data in a central repository, which are in the hands of private persons employed by the company.

How can I use cryptocurrency for money laundering?

The very fact that the lack of control over operations with kryptovalyutay by central banks and fiscal authorities means that transactions may not always be labeled with a specific person. This means that we do not know, gets tranzaktar legitimate repository or not. The shop seems suspicious transaction, because no one can say that was taken into account for the resulting currency.

What does the Indian Act such virtual currencies?

Virtual Currency either cryptocurrency usually regarded as software and therefore refer to the goods in accordance with the Act on the sale of goods in 1930.

Being a good, indirect taxes on its sale or purchase, as well as the GST on the services provided by the miners, will be applied to them.

There is still a lot of confusion as to how much currency in India act as a currency, and RBI, which has authority over clearing and payment systems and pre-paid instruments reversed, certainly will not automatically buy and sell with the help of a medium of exchange.

Thus, any kryptovalyuty derived by a resident in India, shall be subject to the law on the management of foreign currencies in 1999 as the import of goods into the country.

India allowed to conduct trade BitCoins on special exchanges with integrated protective means for tax evasion and money laundering and compliance with Know Your Customer. These exchanges include Zebpay, Unocoin and Coinsecure.

For example, those who invest in BitCoins, may be charged for the dividends received.

Capital gains resulting from the sale of securities with virtual currency, is also subject to tax in the form of income and the subsequent filing of IT return online.

If your investments in that currency are high, you had better get help personalize the tax service. Internet platform has long facilitated the implementation of the tax.

The Benefits of Charter Bus Travel

Traveling takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you plan to travel with a group. The first thing you need to do is look for a vehicle that can accommodate a lot of passengers. Alternatively, you can go to multiple vehicles and drivers. But if you want to be on the safe side, we recommend you try the charter bus instead. So you can enjoy many benefits. Some of them are listed below.

1. Environmentally friendly

According to some people, buses account for most of the pollution because they use a lot of fuel. This is not true. The fact is that buses burn much less fuel than cars or other smaller vehicles. Let us explain this with an example. Let's say you have 50 people in your group. You can now rent at least a bus or 10 cars. if you go for the second option, you know that 10 cars burn much more fuel than one bus. In addition, ten cars add to highway traffic and can also cause traffic congestion. So it is a good idea to reduce the environmental burden by renting a larger vehicle.

2. Save money

Another great benefit you can enjoy is the cost effectiveness. There is less strain on your wallet when traveling by bus. After all, renting a bus is cheaper than arranging ten cars. So when you divide the cost between the tourists, you see that the amount paid by each person is much lower. On the other hand, other travel options may not be as cost-effective. On the surface, the ordered vehicle may sound more expensive, but it is not. So if you have a lot of people to travel with, this is the best choice.

3. Better safety

Unlike cars, charter buses offer greater security. Statistics show that they are less likely to be involved in accidents. In addition, you may be seriously injured if you hit your vehicle or bicycle with another car or vehicle. On the other hand, you will be much safer on the bus. The thing is, these large vehicles strictly follow the safety bench. In addition, their drivers are much more cautious.

4. Comfort

You can rest throughout the journey, as the driver will drive for you. You don't have to worry about itineraries, stops and parking. Similarly, you do not have to organize a group so that they all arrive at their destination on time. All you can do is focus on the surrounding landscape and everything else is related to the driver.

So, if you want to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, we recommend that you choose a map bus for your next tour or trip. After all, you want to make the most of your trip.