Ten tips for investing in cryptocurrency

Kryptovalyuta – the latest trend in the money market, which contains elements of computer science and mathematical theory. Its main function – to provide a link, as it converts legible information in an unbreakable code. You can keep track of their purchases and transfers via cryptocurrency. Below are the top ten tips for investors by investing in cryptocurrency.

  1. It's just like investing in commodities:

Investing in cryptocurrency as well as investing in any other commodity. He has two faces – it can be used as an asset or as an investment, you can sell and swap.

  1. Buy bitcoin directly:

Buy Bitcoin itself, if you do not want to pay the fee for investments or if you are interested in the availability of real Bitcoins. In the world there are a variety of options, including Bitcoin.de, BitFinex and BitFlyer, where you can buy bitcoins directly.

  1. Only a small minority uses cryptocurrency:

Today, bitcoin – cryptocurrency most common in the world of investments. In the United States are aware of this only 24% of adults, and surprisingly, only 2% of Americans. This is good news for financial investors because low use with & # 39 is a fruitful investment for the future.

  1. Use is growing:

On the & # 39; United cryptocurrency border market is more than 60 billion US dollars. It includes all existing kryptovalyuty, including hundreds of small and unknown. Using cryptocurrency in real time increased, indicating upward trend.

  1. The main criteria for the use of:

As an investor, the use should be a key for you. Data on the supply and demand cryptocurrency show a decent investment opportunity. There is a strong use of the currency in order to facilitate payments between financial institutions and, therefore, significantly reduces transaction costs.

  1. Market Cycle:

Currently cryptocurrency market is euphoric. This is the moment when the investment can not be from & # 39; be a golden opportunity for you, but here the value will go up. Business, government and society worldwide to quickly consider kryptovalyuty.

  1. This will solve the problem for you:

Money solves problems, and as a & # 39 is also cryptocurrency. The larger problem is solved, the higher the potential value it receives. The most pleasant place to possession cryptocurrency & # 39 is that it provides access to the money and the basic banking functions, including board and wiring.

  1. Crypto for money:

Today cryptocurrency can be exchanged for ordinary paper money. Thus, the risk of blockage, which existed some time ago, had disappeared.

  1. Create your portfolio:

Since cryptocurrency exchange, they have yet another way to build your portfolio. Now you can keep the cash in a crypt, and exchange them for cash, if you need a traditional money.

  1. Read the correct resources:

"Everyone and his uncle" become guru during any rush. Be very skeptical when choosing reading sources and people who make investments in cryptocurrency.

Pet ferret travel

Ferrets are great pets and make great travel companions. There are a few things to keep in mind to make your trips run smoothly. Ferret travel is not the best idea for everyone, so let's see what it takes to travel with a pet ferret.

You may not know that ferrets are not legal in all areas. Some states and cities have passed laws that make it illegal to own ferrets. It also makes it illegal to travel with one. In some cities, there are laws against ferrets, even if they are in such a state that if you are unsure, it is best to be sure before you travel. If the ferret is found to be where it is illegal, it may be taken from you. You may also be fined. Both of them would definitely put a damper on your trip.

You probably need to travel by car or plane if you plan to take your furry friend with you. Buses and trains have pet restrictions. Many carriers do not allow you to keep ferrets in the cockpit. This can be a problem as the cargo areas are not temperature controlled. The best option when traveling by air is to find an airline that can carry your ferret. This gives you a little control over your conditions. By far, your best option for ferret travel is by car.

A travel cage is required. Even if you don't plan on using it much, there are times when a cage will keep your pet safe. You are not aware of all the potential dangers in your area. Motels, rest stops and travel centers are places where a ferret can be needed. In these places is another important piece of equipment set leos and harness. When choosing a ferret travel cage, make sure you get a cage large enough for the ferret to straighten and sleep. It is a good idea to have space for food and water and a bathroom. Make sure the cage has a secure latch to prevent escape, and you need a cage that can be locked to prevent others from opening it. Don't forget to bring your crib bedding as well.

Wholesalers must accept bitcoin property?

Bitcoin is hot. Thus, it is worth investors to retrieve properties, taking bitcoins, or another should be avoided?

The noise in the Bitcoin seems to be only growing, as well as virtual currency raketue. So what are the real pros and cons in this digital currency trading for those who aptovvae home? It is necessary either to be avoided?

In fact, a lot of advantages of including bitkoynav business for those who aptovvae properties.

These include:

· To facilitate the purchase and invest with you more people

· Nazhivaniya money for a sharp increase in the cost Bitcoin

· Press Increase the visibility of the brand and the spread of viruses

· Note from the technical savvy investors and buyers

Of course, many of the best asset managers only learn about what is happening. Unfortunately, this is largely due to the negative media associated with the recent cessation of "Silk Road", the arrest of Charlie Shrem, and the seizure of megamilonnyh bitkoynav.

On the other hand, those who have followed the news will know that all this had little to do with bitkoynav, and all connected with illegal activities, which bought and sold. In fact, the fact that the government is reported to be selling digital coins that he held, making a legitimate bitcoin.

It becomes very easy to accept bitcoin, and more and more enterprises from different sectors are taking it. Now there is an amazing window of opportunity to ride on cocktails currency and push her, taking her. For many, this may be their best marketing year increments and really help to run your business to the next level. Of course, this can not be a long opportunity to open the door, or opportunity. We're talking weeks and months before the novelty disappears and all is done.

But there is some type of critical judgment. Many may prefer to spend and receive bitcoins for confidentiality. However, while in the Bitcoin Magazine magazine reported 90% of those who are there, there are large variations.

Over the last year it worked in favor of the owners and bitkoynav miners. Coins that were worth only a few or a few hundred dollars a year ago, now traded on the hundreds and tens of thousands of dollars. Due to the limited number of people who keep them in a few hands have a lot of control.

So recognize the value of using them in beneficial properties, but think about the implications of the content too much virtual money.

How Easy Traveling With Your Baby

Traveling with a baby is often a very embarrassing experience for parents. Even if the little one seems to be a peaceful child, traveling will bring out their new side and they will become more and more irritable. This can make parents extremely frustrated at times. This is true when they say that traveling with a child is not easy. But there are always ways to deal effectively with this situation.

Here are some tips to help you travel with your baby easily.

1. Pack interesting things

Of course, all parents are usually careful when packing their trip. The reason is that there are plenty of baby items that you need to carry with you everywhere. You will need it even more on a plane trip. Nappies, food supplies and accessories will find many things you will need from time to time.

But does this ensure that your child will stay happy during the flight? Not surprisingly, it doesn't work. Packing things that are interesting to your child is extremely important. However, try to choose new ones that your child has not used before. This is because they may not even watch it. Choose something that is new and interesting to them.

2. Take-off and landing

Take off and landing can be especially painful for little ones. Because they have no idea what causes the pain and how to control it, it becomes even more troublesome. There are several ways to deal with this pressure change. When your child sleeps, you are happy.

In the second situation, feeding the baby at that time is perfect. It bothers them and calms them down.

3. Benefit from open seats

If your airline encourages an open seating plan, there is nothing better for you. This is your ideal opportunity to sit next to sympathetic people who understand that small children are often impossible to control. Choosing to sit next to families is ideal in this scenario, as your child is likely to be excited when he or she notices a small child nearby. Likewise, someone in the family is more likely to sympathize if the child is unhappy or throws up.

4. Don't stress

This is one of the most important tips when flying with your baby. Do not stress under any conditions. Of course, it is very difficult to observe. However, you must do your best. When traveling with a child, many things can go wrong, forgetting some important things at home until the baby feels unwell.

Remember that all situations are manageable and there is always a way out, even in the worst case scenario. Baby friendly airlines will make another mile of your journey comfortable, so don't be afraid to ask cabin crew for help.

Can you create a fortune through mining bitcoin?

Consumers, investors, enthusiasts and even technical savvy geeks can become big fans of Bitcoin. They can even keep track of every piece of news about bitcoin, and bear in mind the question. People may simply want to know whether the optimistic future cut from various mining cryptocurrency. Well, this is not an option and not a strange advertisement. Mining cryptocurrency can be a smart move but profitable. And bitkoynav market popularity also can not be denied. Bitcoin boom in 2013 and a huge increase in the cost led to his reputation. A trip to the roller coaster and other kryptovalyuty indicated how Altcoins, found a place in every dictionary planet. Digital currency earned enough exposure, and the car & # 39; ernaya car & # 39; EPA with their participation may indeed provide income. However, the miners must have three things – enough time, enough money and continuous perseverance.

The first hurdle involves selecting cryptocurrency. Enthusiast can go to mine Bitcoin. Or rather, to settle in the extraction of other available cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Peercoin. In other words, the miners have plenty of options. Like shares, even cryptocurrency have a category, blue chip or a penny. Extraction of the blue chip category is often associated with safety, reliability and greater profit. Pursuing these opportunities, people are more inclined to Bitcoin mining, even if it involves using massive computing power. Altcoins, on the other hand, can also provide a good profit, as more simple algorithms. But with Altcoins, ease of mining and the potential benefits are not necessarily proportional.

Equipment – an aspect which is beginning to reveal the real test. Even tehnalavik miner can not deny the complexity of Bitcoin, associated with the new generation units. The point is to determine the use of computing power. algorithms become complicated for bitcoins. Thus, the graphics processor with the enormous power in combination with high-class operational memory and hard drives should be reliable to perform all the tasks. The point is at a rapid pace. Several high graphics processors working together, can accelerate the generation blocks and accordingly the payment. On the other hand, the software selection may not be as complex. Windows can be selected as required operating system, but Linux and open source software does a better job. Another requirement – the digital wallet. Extracted currency should be maintained. It can be stored locally on the hard drive, or remotely on the Internet. Shakhtar simply has to choose wisely.

In connection with the equipment and the software begins the task of mining. Miner can do it all yourself and collect all the benefits. But the installation must be extremely powerful. So it's absolutely incredible. Mining basin seems to & # 39 is an acceptable solution when people are on the & # 39; are combined to create a hash-power and machinery. Thus coins are extracted at high speed. Working together has its advantages; miners receive a fair share. Multypul this is an inexpensive option. If you plan to Mining Altcoin, Middlecoin should have a choice of a miner. Thus, if all of the ingredients, profitable system for mining can begin. The initial investment may seem overwhelming, but the profit is worth it!

Tips for cheap travel

Tip # 1: How to Travel Cheaply

When you consider the concept of cheap travel, it often creates nightmares for unreliable travel packages and cowboy hotels. For the cautious, nightmares can indeed become a reality, but for the wiser traveler, it doesn't really have to be that way.

The truth is, with a little advance planning, you will find that there may indeed be less in the world of cheap travel and a couple of extra pockets in your pocket may mean an additional week or two of traveling.

The # 1 rule for cheap travel is to do homework and plan ahead. Transport and accommodation costs are likely to be the biggest expense for the traveler, and this is where the biggest savings can be made. Booking special fares with budget airlines can save you tremendously and be sure to check which days are the cheapest around your travel time – airlines can adjust prices due to demand and those who want to be flexible with their schedule will reap the rewards.

Prices for accommodations can also vary tremendously, and your first consideration should always be who you buy from. Hostelbookers have the best options after a cheap trip and do not charge any booking fees. Using the service also means that you can quickly compare hostel prices. Remember that hostels and hotels can change advertised prices at any time, so be a smart shopper and check in early, especially for seasonal accommodations. Conversely, prices may fall at the last minute, but keep in mind that such price reductions usually only occur during the off-season. The rule of thumb here is to grab a good price if you can see it.

Budgeting doesn't end the challenge at home, and if you're on a strange soil, you may soon be aware of local secrets when you ask – secrets that can have real monetary value. Don't be afraid to pick other travelers' brains and you'll soon find the best places to eat and drink – at a price your credit card will thank you for!

Cheap travel does not have to be an obstacle to your journey, rather your advantage. The opportunities that budgeting brings are fun and who knows, be lazy and you can just leave half the fun!

By: HostelBookers

Tip 2: How to travel cheap (2)

How many times have you wanted to get away from it all and visit a new one but couldn't afford it? Why pay for your vacations now and pay later?

You shouldn't! Over the course of a year, many families spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on unnecessary small "needs" instead of spending that money wisely later.

Let's pretend you get a bottle of soda and candy sticks every 2 days at the department store – just a few of the many impulse buys we're all tempted to make. For the candy bar, 55 cents and for soda 99 cents comes at $ 1.54. Multiply that by about 182 days and you could have saved $ 280.28. Now $ 228 doesn't pay for the holidays, but it's a start.

Having a good vacation doesn't mean you have to be cheap. No, you don't have to camp in your backyard or go to the local supermarket. There are many cost effective ways to travel and tips to help you along the way.

Do not fly unless you are getting real cheap fares or traveling out of the country. Traveling by train or bus can be cheap, but it depends on where you travel.

However, driving to your destination may not be the cheapest way to get there. Think of the impulse purchases you make along the way … snacks, drinks, souvenirs, tourist attractions, etc. and getting gas there can cost you more than a train or bus ticket. Make plans a few months early to consider whether you want to spend a lot of time doing your destination or if you just want to have fun.

1) Do not travel during the holidays or mid-summer. Prices in most major cities are always more urgent for hotel rooms, restaurants and tourist attractions. Instead, travel in the fall when school starts again, or at the beginning of winter when prices are back to normal, if not cheaper than normal.

2) Take your meals and drinks with you. Pack a large cooler with sandwiches, fruits, drinks, vegetable sticks and the like. Also bring several types of food that will not go bad if you do not eat them within the first few days. It is always good to eat snacks with crackers, biscuits, dried fruits, track mixes and nuts.

3) Check out the local online newspaper of the place you are visiting for the special money saving coupons, discounts and any special offers you may find and take advantage of them.

4) Bring lots of extra clothes. You don't want to have to buy new clothes, simply because you have nothing else to wear.

5) When traveling with young children, bring a small bag packed with travel toys, activity pads, little stuffed animals, crayons and a coloring book. Even if you want kids to look around instead of playing in the back seat, it is much better to have them "just in case".

6) Record all expenses incurred during this trip and make sure to save these receipts. If you keep track of how much you spend on this vacation, it's easier to estimate how much you need for your next vacation and keep your family motivated to buy these little, unnecessary purchases throughout the year.

By: assortment

Tip # 3 for cheap family vacations

Bringing your entire family on vacation can really empty your wallet, and if you are worried about money, it will be part of your journey. One of the keys to saving travel money is to have everything planned before you leave the house. There are many things you can do to make sure you don't break the bank and wonder, "Where did all this go?"

Try to choose a destination you can drive to. Car travel is still one of the cheapest ways to carry all your luggage with you, access it at any time, and make your own schedule. As you drive, you can stop wherever you like and see things you would have forgotten if you were flying ten thousand feet away. You can get your snacks and drinks cooler in your car and you don't have to worry about the food being coarse. Mom and dad can take turns to rest and kids to play games without disturbing anyone but the family.

When selecting a destination, try to avoid tourist traps. Hiking tours and natural wonders are the best, as watching them usually does not cost anything. Things like Disney World are fun, but not when you're looking for a cheap trip. Amusement parks and the like spend money out of your wallet like a sieve. Look for state parks, especially when going to the beach. National Parks have the best deals and the lowest entrance prices. If you go to an amusement park, bring your lunch.

Food in an amusement park is usually twice as expensive in the real world. Most parks allow you to have a picnic, and there are also areas. Even if you have to drive down the park to the local fast food restaurant, you can save a lot of money and still return to the park afterwards.

You may consider camping as an alternative to getting a hotel room. Camping is always cheaper than a hotel and the campgrounds have many activities and attractions for their patrons, including swimming, fishing, hiking and even bicycle rental. Next to major attractions are usually campgrounds and reservations are recommended.

Family vacations don't have to break the bank, and if you give your kids a budget before they leave, they are well on their way to spending money and are likely to spend a lot less than if you just got off the hook. Carefully planning your trip will save you a lot of money in the long run.

By: assortment

What makes bitcoin so unstable?

Traders are always concerned about volatility "Bitcoin". It is important to know what makes the value of this particular digital currency is very unstable. Like many other things, the value of Bitcoin is also dependent on the rules of supply and demand. If the demand for "bitcoin" increase, the price will also increase. Conversely, a decline in demand for "bitcoin" will lead to a decrease in demand. In simple words, we can say that the price is determined by how much money trading market agrees to pay. If a large number of people want to buy a "bitcoin", the price will rise. If more people want to sell "bitcoin", the price will drop.

Please be aware that the value of "Bitcoin" can be unstable as compared to more established products and currencies. This fact can be attributed to its relatively small size of the market, which means that less money can significantly shift the price "Bitcoin". This inconsistency naturally decrease over time when the currency will develop and market size increases.

After teasing at the end of 2016, Bitcoin has reached a new record high in the first week of the year. It may be several factors that make "bitcoin" be unstable. Some of them are discussed here.

bad press factor

Members "Bitcoin" is basically afraid of various news events, including statements by government officials and geopolitical events that "bitcoin" can be adjusted. This means that the rate of adoption "Bitcoin" is due to the negative or bad press reports. Various bad news caused fear among investors and forbade them to invest in this digital currency. Examples of poor headers with & # 39 is a significant use of "Bitcoin" for processing transactions with drugs through the "Silk Road", which ended with the termination of the market by the FBI in October 2013. This story caused panic among people and caused "Bitcoin" "value drops significantly. On the other hand, the trade industry veterans see such negative incidents as evidence that the industry is "bitcoin" matures. Thus, "bitcoin" began to gain increasing importance as soon as the bad press the effect disappeared.

Fluctuations perceived value

Another important reason to value "Bitcoin" become changeable – it swings perceived value "Bitcoin". You may know that the digital currency has properties similar to gold. This design decision is solved manufacturers the core technology to restrict its production to the static amount – 21 million BTC.. Because of this factor, investors can allocate fewer or more assets in the "bitcoin".

Safety violations News

Various news agencies and digital media play an important role in the formation of a negative or positive social concepts. If you see that something is advertised mostly, you are likely to go at it without paying much attention to the negative aspects. C & # 39 came the news of the breach of security "Bitcoin" and it really made investors think twice before you invest your money earned in trade bitcoin. They are too sensitive to the choice of any particular investment "bitcoin" platform. & # 39; the Bitcoin & # 39; may become unstable if the community & # 39; the Bitcoin & # 39; identify sensitivity to security, trying to create a wonderful response to open source in the form of security patches. Such security problems give birth to several programs with open source software such as Linux. Thus, it is useful to developers "Bitcoin" subjected to security vulnerabilities for the general public to take reliable decisions.

Recent deficiencies "the OpenSSL", attacking error "heartbleed", and reported by Neil Mehta (a member of the Google Security Team) April 1, 2014, have a reduced impact on the cost of the "Bitcoin". According to some estimates, in the next month the cost of "Bitcoin" decreased to 10% compared with the US dollar.

A small value of the option for the owners of large "Bitcoin" proportions

Shortage "Bitcoin" also depends on the owners "Bitcoin", which have a large share of the digital currency. For investors "Bitcoin" (not more than $ 10 million), it is unclear how they will settle the position, which will turn into a failed position and not moving in the market. Thus, "Bitcoin" did not affect the basic interest procedures accepted by the market, it would be important to give the option value largest owner of "Bitcoin".

Effects Mt Gox

Recent high-profile damage on the "Mt Gox" – this is another big reason variability "Bitcoin". All of these losses and the final news of large losses have a double effect on the instability. You may not know that it has reduced the total Bitcoin flow of almost 5%. It also creates a potential enhancement of the residual value "bitcoin" because of the reasons for the increased deficit. However, the cancellation of this rise was the result of negative news the next series. In particular, many other gateways "Bitcoin" saw a great failure in Mt Gox as an optimistic thing for the long-term prospects "Bitcoin".

Train Travel vs. Air Travel – Which is Best?

Today, there are several modes of travel around Europe, but the most interesting one is the train journey compared to the plane.

But which mode of transport is best? Read below to find out why.

Environmental friendly

Air travel is now recognized as the fastest growing cause of global warming. Avoiding airplanes when there are easy alternatives to travel is probably the biggest thing every person can do to reduce their carbon footprint. Air pollution is dramatically reduced when passing a train. In most European countries, train networks are extensive and services are frequent, so you can be environmentally friendly without sacrificing.


Traveling by plane usually means you have to secure your seat for weeks or even months to get a reasonable fare. Once you have secured your seat, it is not easy to change flights without paying a large fee. Although some trains require seats to be booked, you need to be much more flexible, especially if you need to change your travel time.

No fuss

Imagine taking the journey and not having to arrive two hours early, wait in a long security car, measure out liquids and gels, or take your shoes for inspection. Welcome to the world of rail travel. Traveling by airplane requires more time and precautions. Traveling by rail usually means you can arrive 30 minutes ahead of time and walk straight to your platform without any hassle.

Speed ​​- Faster door to door

Air travel is known to be one of the fastest ways to get to your destination, but only the flight itself is considered. How far before your flight do you have to arrive to overcome the long check-in & security system? Once you have checked in the bag, you will have to wait until the other side to collect it – it will take time. Unlike airports, train stations have no check-in or security trails, so you don't have to be at the station before your trip. Most major train stations are right in the heart of the cities they serve. In most cases, you will reach the destination by train. However, taking an airplane could take hours from airport to airport and back.


Rail travel has become increasingly attractive to budget-conscious travelers in the last decade. While getting to your destination is still an effective way to get to your destination, there are additional costs that we don't usually consider. When considering the mode of transport, you have to add the extra costs to and from the airport. This includes either the cost of fuel and parking, or the airport bus or taxi fare. None of them are cheap.


Unless you have paid for business class, your space is usually limited in the airplane seat. You can move more freely on the train and have more legroom around the seats. While flying, you must wait for the seat belt sign to turn off before you can move from your seat. On the train, however, you walk down the aisles, grabbing a bite or coffee in the snack cart and watching the world twitch. The scenic train ride can even be a holiday. Most European trains also offer free Wi-Fi – the same cannot be said for all airlines.

Train trips also allow you to travel comfortably with your adorable pet. Many pets are unsuitable for air travel due to health, age or breed. Passengers on European trains can bring dogs, cats and other small animals and usually at no extra cost!

All of these factors make it easy to see how rail travel is becoming more and more dominant today. Airplanes are convenient to take you miles from countries. However, if you travel around Europe or other regions with excellent rail transport, rail travel is a more efficient and convenient mode of transport.

Trading currency in FX – counting time

Forex trading is exciting and offers suras & # 39; oznamu currency traders the potential to earn sur & # 39; serious cash. If you are not familiar with Forex term, let me explain. Forex – foreign exchange market is where one currency, say, the US dollar (USD) was trading another, the euro (the European dollar). Currency traders try to take advantage of any movement or rate fluctuations between the currency pair, known as the only product to make profits.

Forex Market – one of the largest markets in the world. Inside information, and no movement between pairs of currencies is largely due to cash flows and macroeconomic conditions worldwide, which are considered as the news in real time.

The market is open 24 hours a day, and it allows traders to easily trade at any convenient for them day and night. As in any market, there are tendencies that are used to predict when there may come a time of great about the & # 39; trade, but be careful, and this can be disastrous, if you treat it. Traders say that a good time to trade – this is when trading sessions overlap between the two markets. This is the time when the foreign exchange market may be the most active when it is expected of the big & # 39; transaction volume. Below is a list of hours (ERP) forex trading:

In London, from 3:00 to 12:00 EST (EST)

In New York, 8:00 to 17:00 EST

In Sydney, from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am EST

In Tokyo, from 7:00 am to 4:00 am EST

Now we find the hours when two sessions overlap:

Between London / Tokyo – 3:00 to 4:00 am EST

Between New York and London – from 8:00 to 12:00 at the south-east

Between Sydney / Tokyo – from 7:00 to 2:00 AM EST

Thus, if you trade the currency pair EUR / USD, a good time to trade, if the expectation of a large number of transactions (about & # 39; v) will take place between 8:00 am and 12:00 EST Unique visitors, when these two markets are open at the same time. Moreover, since the trading market is always open somewhere in the world, all world currencies can continue to trade.

Regardless of whether you are an experienced or new to the Forex market can be profitable to pay close attention to indicators of time and other strategies to increase your chances of success in the Forex market.

Where can I find directions when traveling?

Nothing beats that intuitive idea that says, "I know exactly where I'm going." Unfortunately, we are not just programmable like robots. We can't just download directions to our brains to keep them forever, so we rely on maps. Over the years, mapping has become much more than just street maps and road map features. Today we use web maps to advise you on local businesses, news, weather, traffic and more.

Google Maps has become the template of choice for many local food cards. In Menurequest, you can draw restaurants on a map of your city, read / write reviews, make reservations, and get driving directions. In Philadelphia, the Communitywalk is an amazing resource for local event organizers who want to ask to attend several nearby restaurants.

Toeat offers several eateries in its neighborhood. In major cities like NY, Paris, Bangkok and Chicago, you can find baked goods on the Yummybaguette. Or you may need to improve your burrito with Burritoph. Drinkers can appreciate Wineandtimes, which helps plan a winery tour, as well as Drinktown, which will let you know about all the local booze specials.

Of course, Google Maps is not the only "mashup maker". A number of pop-up features are included in pop-ups for non-Google apps. For example, if you live on a fault line, visit Lerdorf as you may feel a "real-time earthquake map". If you are looking for bloggers nearby, movie showtimes, gas prices or driving directions, you will see the Atlas Freshlogicstudios "Atlas" (based on MSN's Virtual Earth platform).

One of the most popular mapping sites is Flickr, where amateur photographers can share their pictures and create maps of their favorite places, people and things. Readers have provided fabulous reviews of the Gutenkarte, where enlightened admirers can read entire books chapter by chapter (such as Jules Verne's "Around the World in 80 Days") while looking at a map of the locations covered in the book. If you prefer news fiction to fiction, don't miss the world and local news on Mappedup or Poly9 Viavirtualearth (where MSNBC news is on the map!)

Get directions on your computer, GPS, or even your mobile phone. The trend is that programmers will find ways to bring web maps to you, wherever you are. For example, if you find that you have been lost somewhere that is not time to recover, never fear: Loki will be able to track your location via satellite and send you a map to your next location on your mobile phone. A host of phones, from the iPhone to the Android G1, make MapQuest, Google Maps, and Yahoo Maps technology available to you on the go.