Oklahoma City is worth losing a long life Sonics

It's funny to watch Oscar fans when Kevin Durant comes to town.

On Wednesday night, Golden State Warriors discovered MidFirst Bank Arena, and as last year, Thunder Faithful conducted KD and its burner on Twitter's account of a healthy turning pig, jokes and signs, declaring things like are the "Integrity Trumps Rings," which is something you should tell yourself when you get fallen.

And there is no lost love between fans or teams. Russell Weststream has never been to KD, not you, with me. Durant announced its plans on the web page. It's not enough, "Taking up my talents on the South Beach," but again, the KD is not Lebo.

But the story is that Rust has listened to Twitter through Durant's signature on Twitter, which I was able to see stunning. RAS has found out that the CC has changed its Facebook status.

That is so.

Last year he took everything that he doubled on average and took the MVP Cup and even added the contract one time.

Durant, however, also took the MVP Cup. From the final round of the FF. It is in his ring. And he's on the good road.

He was in Oklahoma eight years ago, leaving seven of them with Westbrook. Two Westbrook and Oklahoma City fans came to see him as a privilege. He was their best player, the best light they knew.

And then he overcame them for a warmer, younger model. It is not that I am.

And they turned to him as he was a betrayer who was like him. Darantt joined those who were trying to overcome the Warriors victory. He was happy that he did not dump it in Fily. We were known to throw the batteries.

But even in Oklahoma, where I've never been, but imagine that you live in a loaf of bread with a "lofty bread" as much color and night life as the embarrassment.

Westbrook and Durant were standing on the pitch, breaking their heads and collecting them behind. For the first time, Westbrook has won Best Durant and Thunder has won.

I've seen a Drugstore career from the beginning. Because I live in Seattle. Most people forget that Seattle Supersonics has trained him (and technically, though the team was moved six days later) and he was playing his first season, David Stent kept the city hostage and allowed Clay Bennett to steal team. It's not so much in the middle of the night, moving Colts, or even Browns becoming Ravens, but it's close.

Do you know who has not forgotten? Seattle. That should be their team, their playing field, their shots on the parade.

However, despite his public pledges, the Clay Bennett never had any intention of doing anything else to return to Oklahoma City and to prove it to keep the team in Seattle. David Stearn, despite this. City of Seattle, which still pays for the field, which 15 years ago was missing for Sonics, and the voters were just a little bit new.

Thus, he was like a greedy scientist, Stern set an example for the city and allowed the Bennett team to take the 14th largest market and move to 45th.

It was stunning.

But that worked. Ask Clippers. And the chargers?

Why is it ridiculous for me when fans feel somehow distorting or talking about the integrity?

SURB SARGSYAN What do you expect?

Shut up. Crawl it! You and your unscrupulous privileges deserve to get rid of, you have fun with slander. Do you deserve to lose? Angela Or at least Clay Bennett or her heirs. I'm glad Kevin Durant hides your hats, and I am more than happy that he has won another place. I am glad that she rubs your faces and I hope James Cardin this year who has deprived you of your dreams.

Forgive Thunder fans, but can live forever Kyle Bennett's cursing.

Long Live the SuperSonics.

Oh, but it's Thanksgiving, let's finish the high note.

This year I am thankful for many reasons. I'm grateful to be a fan of Philadelphia where I become Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons and Carson Wentz and Rhys Hoskins. Thank you for working for Charlie Rose. Thank you so much that my team could not get out and sign Blair Walsh. I am grateful for my beautiful wife and child who is ready for any day ("Embiid" – a great name for a boy or girl, right). I am thankful that I am living at a distance of 3,000 miles from the family whose policy I avoid on Facebook so I have not tried and explained that "SAD!" Is not a political stance or that nobody can bite until I'll get dirty. I am grateful that I met behind Guru and the team behind the scenes, which helped to bring all this out of the ground.

And, of course, I thank you, listeners and readers.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.


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