Braum's Ice Skating Rink in Oklahoma City

Winter brings many opportunities for entertainment and recreation to all. If you are looking for winter in Oklahoma City, Braum’s ice skating rink in front of Civic Center Music Hall, Center is the best place.
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The exciting features of brown ice skating
Nearly 150-foot radius from 62 is mentioned as one of the largest south-western outdoor mountain ranges. This means that the mountain range has increased its size by 50 percent compared to the previous year, with the aim of accommodating more visitors and providing additional space for demonstrators.
The volunteer entertainment stage offers a range of activities such as singing and dancing. At special nights you get to enjoy Santa Claus. All this adds festive mood to December. Participants can visit Braum’s Ice Rink CafĂ© with coffee, soda, hot cocoa, hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream.
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Knowing the important things about the Brown tower

The skating rink starts on November 25 and runs through January 1. These days the shower is open from morning till 10am. Braum’s Ice Rink is also open during Christmas and New Year holidays.
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For cycling, you can bring your own rink or get stylish rinks for a pool lease. Containers are available in all sizes. If you hire a flight, the ticket price may fluctuate up to $ 8, otherwise you will only pay $ 5.

More entertainment events in Oklahoma
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In addition to ice-free areas, the Braum Ice Skating Rink in Oklahoma City offers a range of other entertainment activities including Snow Peak Brick, the evening Bricktown Water Taxis tour, sailing to the Oklahoman Christmas tree and much more. Most of the hotels in this area offer their guests special shuttle services in all the interesting places.