Olmera Panhandle Trivia

The Oklahoma Panhandle is rich in panhandle details. It is about 150 miles wide and 50 miles tall and has almost become an end in itself.
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He is even proud of his own university, at Oklahoma State University, not less than the Aggies House of Stanford University of Oklahoma.
Although everyone can not be hardcore panhandle trivia, this is part of the information listed here. The Beaver State is Oregon, Boise, the capital of the ideal, and Canada … well, Canada. But Oklahoma Panhandle has Beaver County, Boise City, and the North Canadian River, the southernmost Canadian road. The Panhandle has even Texas. Rather, when Texas had to leave it, which was then Panhandle.
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Here are some of the most unusual panhandle trivia:

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  • The town of Beaver, in the city of Berkeley, Oklahoma, is old World Cow Chip Removal Championship.
  • Boyzé is hosting the city Post Hole Digging Contest their annual Santa Fe Trail Daze course.
  • Old Biver region: From 1890 to 1890, Panhandle covered the entire state until 1907. Until 1890, it was originally called the Seventh County, and before that, no human land.
  • he is in the American Western Television series, Cimarron Strip, which was broadcast from 1967 to 1968 at the end of the 1880s, at Cimarron Territory, which would become Oklahoma Panhandle in 1890.
  • The river is named by four names. The North Canal River rises in New Mexico, known as Corrumpa Creek. From there it passes east to Cimarron County, where it is known as Beaver River. It flows through the Texas Panhandle and then returns to Texas’s Oklahoma. The 7-kilometer section of the river passing through Oklahoma City has been renamed the Oklahoma-Gardens in 2004.
  • Thanks to Oklahoma, Panhandle, borders with four states: Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and Texas.
  • 4,973 feet, the summit Black Mesa The highest point in the state of Oklahoma. It is located at the north-western tip of Panhandle.
  • And speaking of Black Mesa, it was once hideout for outgoing– is called a castle Robbers Roost.
  • Large amount of dinosaur fossils and dinosaur bones were found in Black Mesa.
  • Was Boyez City? accidentally bombed During the Second World War, with the flying Fortress B-17. Fifty years later, the bomber’s crew was called. Everyone refused. Maybe it’s nonsense.