I have to say that I really enjoyed the game. The Oklahoma Games were extremely entertaining for games like a small decoration and a pillar. Loans can be given to actors who have done such an extraordinary job, but because the use has not been used much, does not mean that the collection does not correspond to the reality. The used boxes were installed and installed so that they could have a full potential. People realize that the games will be falsified because they can not be computer animated movies and the like, as it is done before the audience. Consequently, designers are doing a very hard job by trying to get realism out of the collection.

In Oklahoma City, they raised what they had to work for. Most of the toy took place at Loren's house. They had a beautiful house, which was on the plot, and they also had a yard in the yard. The actors were always busy with their hands, doing something when they worked with each other. So, farm-decoration was a great story about how history goes.

The hand in the farm was a man named Jud, and he loved Laurie (Lorry was in love and vice versa). The situation with Judd, Curly and Laurie tortured Judd because he was in the third wheel. This torture made Jadie a bitter man, and he did not look like himself. They had a good job with Jad, as his clothes were disgraceful; his house was almost a dungeon where he had pornography on the walls. It was similar to you that Jud crawled. Laurie, on the other hand, was like a cleaner definition if I could exaggerate it. He came as a birthday, and he was really pure and it was rarely for those times. He had a little approach, which was probably just a defensive mechanism, so his true feelings would not be curly.

One of my favorite parts about the play was music. The power it had was perfect for a happy western like this (except for a few tragic steps). There is a great mentality that has been put on music, so everything went as smoothly as it was. The dance numbers were right with music. Some dances I did not believe they did. A time when Will (Curly's friend) has made some amazing things lasso. I never knew it was possible with the laso.

My favorite hero was Ali Akim, a traveling salesman who was a male / female artist. What he has described really will increase his name so that people know they come and they can go their money.

Okolom has all the advantages when it is fun. I went to see it at the local college. The play was put on college by students. It costs just a few dollars to get in and it's a great place to go at night and try something else. I highly recommend it.