Locations visit the city of Oklahoma

OKC Hotels provide guests with a range of places to visit in Oklahoma City. Tourist services offer the city's main sights for the convenience of visitors.

405 Northwest 15th Street's Overholser Mansion Museum is worth checking out because it takes you a capsule of time to the "spirit of the 1889s". It was built in the history of the city by leading figure Henry Wallacher, who was in 1903. Overholser House has been completed in 1903. Visitors to a three-story building like a building can check the architecture of time. Feature features special gadgets and furnishings, painted canvas walls, time Axminster and Wilton carpets and stained glass.

620 N Harvey The Oklahoma City National Memorial is more important than visiting other CPAs. On April 19, 1995, bombarded Alfred P. At the site of Murra's building, the memorial is being sacrificed to those killed during the bombing. Open all year, this symbolic monument gives a valuable insight into the feeling of loss, as well as the city's strength to rise again. Admission is free.

Oklahoma City Art Museum on 415 riders, destination visitors should not miss. Donald R. The Renaissance Visual Arts Center, a 110,000-square-meter museum, consists of 15 exhibition galleries, a 250-seat theater, a shopping center, caf├ęs, shops, and resource center. Museum exhibitions, film programs and many other events are taking place. The most representative representation of the art presented at the museum is the 55-meter glass sculpture of Dale Chichiuli.

No city is full of zoo. Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Gardens at 2101 NE 50, with a wide range of herbs and herbs, were rated as one of the three family zoos in the United States by Child Magazine. There is a lot here. Moreover, many family events are regularly held. They also offer banquets, a food hall, a gift shop, a wheelchair and a stroller.

There is much in the OKC this summer. Check out these and many other places to visit Oklahoma City.