It's time to stand up for Jerry Clinton's oligarchs

Tea Party Rallies Armed militia revival. Anti-government extremists. Even about freedom of speech.

As these forces seemed to have been deviated from the straight lines, they essentially formed a magnificent storm of Jerry Oliver and the scripting trail It's time to stand up .

This book, published in 2008, reflects a small town of Oliver and Oklahoma, which captures a new revolution in epic proportions.

In the foreseeable future, the first chapter introduces us to Tomplough, the newly elected and renowned mayor of Oklahoma, which, like many other countries, has been hit hard by recession and as a result of being dismissed. The good mayor has found a new and perfect life in his new breathing attempts.

During his first few weeks, the mayor has already built a Bingo Hall, bringing a little more cash flow to the city. He is now employed to work with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce to create more jobs and he is a California production company that has moved to the Temple. But suddenly, he appears in federal state bodies, which inevitably ceases to exist.

The first meeting of the mayor with a bureaucratic red ribbon begins when the environmental protection agency suspends the prospect of a shipment company, Temple, to the residents' pledge. The EPA cites the presence of asbestos in the tile closet and then solves the tremendous and impossible mandates. And so begins! The city is a disgrace in the great government and the rebellion of individual citizens that are together to develop their moral and ethical values. In an inhuman, many of these angry clans are now battling.

No one will stop obstacles in the way, the mayor is trying to use the power of the Oklahoma and US Senators to not use anything. Expressing gratitude to the journalist for the newspaper's eye, Tampol, the disorder in Oklahoma, is rapidly spreading through the nation. In the small community, discontent began to quickly become the focus of the federal government.

The miserable ego, the political expediency, and even the jealousy of the state authorities and administration create a political vacuum that quickly fraught with fraud, dependent on dealings and conspiracy theories. The majority of citizens believe that the government is pursuing a few major interests and politicians that stand out in the next election rather than the people's interests.

Local militias take fairy tales from the temple, making it a perfect combat irony, which wants to return its government. When the situation is rising in a failed field, the president urges the troops and the FBI. However, the CIA has its agenda.

It is inevitably shown in 1993. Waco siege reactions. History collects transparent pace up to the end, which brings an amazing irony and leaves the reader hungry.

Author Jerry Oliver has had his long and well-known career serving his government, including a reputable and elite organization in the country, to the diplomatic corps of the State Department. He also worked for the CIA, the NSA, and the Army Intelligence, and he served in five wars, endangering his life in countless missions of Vietnam, Iraq, and other battlefields. Before leaving the state service, Oliver was awarded the Honorary State Secretary's Award. He lives in Tommel, Oklahoma.