Short Presentation Shops & # 39; Paradise – intersection centers in Oklahoma City

The Crossroads Mall is the main milestone in the OKC southern borders in Oklahoma City. Approximately one million square kilometers of territory extends to more than fifty stores, different food joints, theaters, children's playgrounds and other facilities. All this makes Crossroads Mall, OKC buyer and paradise.

Various stores include Elegant Jewelers, Champs Sports, Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secret, Foot-Action USA and OKC Style. It should be noted, however, that some of the leading anchor stores, such as JC Penny, Dillard & Macy, recently closed their work in Mall to allow Victoria & Secret & Bath and Body Works as the only factory anchor stores.

Even with the closure of some major anchor stores, Mall has been able to capture a number of shopolic-like repairs that have become an absolute necessity for Mall's face. This led to the increase of the playing field and the carousel. Guests and tourists can not miss the sight and sound of full-featured oil wells in the parking lot on the northern part of the Crossroads shopping center. This oil well continues to be greatly won in this shopping mall.

Marketing authorities have a major impact on Crossroads Mall amenities that relate to shopaholic and visitors. Crossroads Mall employees are always ready to help guests, with the exception of basic amenities, such as toilets, ATMs and phones. For example, if the guest wishes, a store employee would have read the living room.

Security personnel are even willing to provide you with your car. This is due to the services that Mall is still viewed as a customer's paradise.