The Heaveber Stone is Oklahoma Rune Mystery


The purpose of my Rune Mysteries series is twice. One is sharing the truth with my North European Credit, which our ancestors visited in the Americas hundreds of years before the birth of Columbus.

Secondly, led by Smithsonian, it is a lie that these truths hide you. It is not so much evil conspiracy as foolish conspiracy. If the truth came out, all the doctors of archeology will be able to quit. And all books in history should be attributed. I think it's easier to lie than to re-register.

The people always have generations of truth from the past. Oldcomers of Oklahoma say that there were dozens of large Rune stones at once. So far only five have been found. Let me talk about this. You can browse the web and read more on your own website. I only try to point out the right direction.


Pagan Rune Stone was discovered on the Mount of Fort Lauderdale in eastern Oklahoma. He first thought he was "Indian rock." It's 12 feet high, 10 feet wide and 16 inches thick. Carl F. Kammer finds that when the stones were found, in 1913. The symbols of the eighteenth rock were pulled into a stone. When he told them, the others said, "Yes, we saw it is Indian stones." The Smithsonian Institute's Archeology Department told the committee that they were really Rooney. But these were placed by modern Scandinavians.

However, the Ruins, which have been used, have come from a century that precedes Rwi's more than 1,000 years.

The Poteau Rune Stone

In 1967, several schoolchildren discovered a rock. It was a 15-inch stone on which a few rock letters were placed. It was discovered by Terry Hill, on the outskirts of Potia, at the foot of Mount Karavala.

This stone was just 10 miles from Heavenly Rooney Stone.

The Shawnee Rune Stone

This stone was found in the center of Oklahoma City, within the boundaries of the city of Shaun. This 14-inch stone found Jim Essace in 1969. It is a reddish color and weighs 14 pounds. There are five runes given to it. It was placed on Earth as a landmark or gravestone. The prominent Norse secret specialist notes that it is 1024 AD. Smithson does not say anything about these discoveries. It has quite destroyed the Egyptian mummies, thousands of miles away from their own yard yard.

I just give a little silhouette. There are very good information on these three Vodka stones. There is no point in obtaining this article, easily accessible. Check these Rune stones images and see if they can decode their messages.