History of Commercial Cleaning Companies: How it started?

"Home work is what you do, so no one sees you until you do it." – Anonymous.

Although commercial cleaning is slightly different from home work, there are several parallels. For example, you realize that you need it only when no one is doing it, and later recognizing it is hard to do.

You can be diligent, there are some things for the best professionals. This is especially true for commercial buildings and industrial buildings where the specialized knowledge and skills are the most important. The point is that if you have the teeth that are required to be extracted, then you will not go to the dentist rather than tying the glue and removing it. When there are professionals who can perform this task faster and cost, the meaning is delaying their experience.

Enter commercial cleaners. The history of commercial cleaning companies began four decades ago, in 1968 in Norman, Oklahoma. Jim Cavanaugh, a student at the University of Oklahoma, and a blessed entrepreneurial group, has started marketing services to customers overnight after serving customers.

For years, Cavanaugh founded Jane-King in 1969, whose name was called "pendulum" and "king." Soon, the future of the company is expanding, and the company has launched its unique privileged model, where franchises are offered for the first time leading to business. This helps the franchisees because they do not need to start from scratch. It's not surprising that Jane-King has consistently been ranked among the top ten franchisees in the country.

The expansion of Jani-King was not limited to the United States, and the company went to international when it first granted its Canadian privilege in 1986. For the first time this businessman was awarded the title of "No.1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise Company", which was the 19th in the last 20 years.

Cavanaugh has already moved to his headquarters in Oklahoma to Dallas in this exponential, and he is not dissatisfied. The 90s celebrated part of Jane King. The company has established its 5000th privilege in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, France, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey. 1998 Entrepreneurial Magazine ranked Jani-King's No. 1 Service Desk and International Exhibition No. 1.

Today there are more than 12,000 Jani-King franchisees in the world. Jani-King supports more than 120 regional offices in 16 countries and provides services to millions of customers every year for commercial clearance requirements.

Although Jani-King is indisputably the largest commercial cleaning company, there are also some other reputable, some with national presence and some cities or states. Janitize America and Coverall are two well-known commercial cleaning companies.

Your company for your commercial cleaning company must be based on a local company. Although national authority is fundamental, the key factor for your decision should be how the local franchise perceived by its customers. And as always, there should be a factor, but not the most important thing.