The survivors of the brain have proved that it is a medical fraud

John B. Shane, a retired roentgenologist at the Royal College of Canada, says: "Diagnosis of neurological criteria of death is theoretical and not scientific fact". He spoke of the so-called "brain death", which was a medical concept conceived by Harvard Medical School in 1968, which enabled the search for living organisms in living organisms.

Paul A. Byrne, a neonatologist and a pediatrician, says: "Suitability for transplantation (heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and pancreas) should be removed from the donor before breathing and circulation. Otherwise, these organs are not suitable, as the organ damage is caused by oxygen cessation after a brief blood circulation. "

Friends … There is growing evidence that "brain death" is a medical mistake, which can not be accurately diagnosed. There is a growing number of patients who have been "dead" in the brain, only later spontaneously reviving and living. Here are some factual survivors:

  • Zach DunlapThe 21-year-old Olmirra's "felt pretty good", four months later, when he was diagnosed with "brain dead." Zach was heavily injured in a double bicycle crash in Texas in 2007. He was declared "dead dead" and prefers to donate organ. But just a few minutes before the surgery, he began to revive himself automatically when his close friend broke his leg. Later in a televised debate, he told them that doctors had heard that they were dead but could not do it.
  • Steven Torpen:The 17-year-old Warwickshire youngster was diagnosed with "brain dead" by four doctors in 2008, but her parents did not give up on her and insisted on another opinion, regardless of the GP and neurosurgeon. Steven was unexpectedly restored and was hospitalized seven weeks later. He suffered heavy injuries during a large car collision when he was traveling and escaped.
  • Rae Kupferschmidt, A 65-year-old woman from Minnesota, had mass brain cerebral hemorrhage in 2008, and doctors diagnosed her as "brain dead." He returned home to die, and his family began funeral ceremonies. When Rae automatically puts the coffee into ice cream, suggesting her daughter, she was alive. He later walked.
  • Gloria Cruz, A 56-year-old North African woman, has been described as a "brain dead" in 2011 and expects to "die" within 48 hours. The doctor, the social worker and the "patient protector" called her husband to remove the air conditioner and let her "die." But he refused, and three days later, Gloria resuscitated himself, embraced her coma and was taken to the hospital.

Obviously, these survivor cases show that "brain death" is a very suspicious concept that puts life in jeopardy.