Gerald Flurry's biography

Gerald Flory is the shepherd of the Church of God's Philadelphia and the editor of the news magazine "Tarkan Lur", which he published in 1990. He is also the founder and president of the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation, known for his cultural, charity and humanitarian activities, and Herbert V., of Edmond, Oklahoma. Armstrong College Founder and Director

Gerald Flury was born in 1955 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where Father Clark was born (1977) and Giji (1997). 1964 On September 5, she married Barbara J. Bribert and they had two children, Laura and Stefan. Barbara Flory died in 2004 After the heart attack.

Gerald Flüur became a member of the World Church in 1960. Member since 1970 Graduated from the California State College of California. 1973

For more than 35 years, he has been full-time at the ministry. Mr. Flüry served as a shepherd of God's world church until he was fired by his founder, Herbert Armstrong, and his teachings after his death in 1986.

Bearing in mind the change in the doctrine of the church, from Mr. Armstrong and his teachings, Mr. Flyrrey came into the intensive Bible study to look for the cause of his betrayal. The result was a handwritten book entitled "Malachi" in God and the Church today. Originally written in 1989, In Spring, when it was a new direction in the World Church of God, it was not very attractive to many of its members, the book was primarily intended to warn the WCG Ministry of what actually happened and, secondly, to warn the Church membership. Earlier in the book, WCG's leadership was in the city of Pasadena, California, Gerald Flory and his assistant, John Amos, were removed from WCG ministerial posts. Mr. Flüury immediately established the Church of God in Philadelphia in 1989. On December 7, in Edmonton, Oklahoma.

After the discontinuation of the World Church of God, the publication in Armstrong and the available supplies of his main works were exhausted, Mr. Flüur successfully defended the Church of God in Philadelphia and freely disseminated 19 works through WCG's six-year legal battle that attempted to use the books & their copyright to print them.

Gerald Flury has visited more than 20 countries in key locations such as the Middle East, South Africa, Europe and Asia, with key international news analysts. He has authored more than 30 books, including the Malachi and the Church of God today, the Family of God and the Last Hour.

David Kaily's television program star, which he began in 1993, explores world events in the light of Bible prophecies and declares the soonest return of Jesus Christ to Earth's return to save humanity's life and maintain peace. Happy, wonderful world Tomorrow. Through broadcast, print, and personal appearance campaigns he also prophesied Herbert V. Armstrong's tradition, which warns incredible world problems that precedes Christ's second coming.