Hogback is a comic look of LOL in the Mediterranean skull

Hogback , By Simon Swasters, subtitled ( The Mediterranean Conflict and the Girl's Tale ), continues the author's satirical and often LOL soap opera, which presents a young journalist from the Small Town newspaper, Henrietta, called "Little Oklahoma City, where she was born and lived." He works with Harold's Mishon newspaper, Henryt's weekly newsletter, often appear in the center of small urban politics and contradictions, which is a lot of fun to read Simon Plaster &

E Hogback Henrietta is one of the many humorous events that covers the golf tournament that is open to people of all ages. The Golf Tournament is a new program developed by the city called Inter-General Sport or (PIGS). The program is designed to end some negative hostility that exists in a particular peer group.

Instead, the program pushes back and causes more conflict, alienation, and violence between generations than ever before. Simon Globe creates funny novels that now enter America into microcosms of the type of conflict of society and generation.

One of the families: Hogback focuses on the three generations of the Vayer family. The generations are represented by Gramp, Glendale, and Lance's heroes. They have something that they consider to be an important risk in the golf tournament. The Generation Conflict is one of those topics that Simon Slaster speaks in his ranks.

Different members of the city are equal to the various generations of the Weey family or compete against them by thinking about their intentions. For example, Founder and Director of Henrietta and Midlife Crisis Center, Porte Pepper, Glen Junior, and the local golf course to become known as the Oklahoma Pocket Lhouse. Of course, an attempt is made to make that dream come true. however, Glen Junior seems to dream greatly. He and his organization, "midnight", support him for this purpose.

On the opposite side, midfielder Randy Grims, after all, when he thinks he is very important when he competes against Lance Wyker. Randy wants to win the cup, which is a big prize, and hopes that by winning the golf tournament he can win the suffering of a younger woman.

Then there are Henry's other heroes who are equally eccentric and have their goals as a result of an ideological tournament, such as Professor Lohf. She organizes a campaign of teenagers in the city – Gramp Wein and, perhaps, disgusting other elderly people. She wants to get a civilized youth movement in a small town.

Hogback In Hollywood, funny humor and life, politics, lack of generations, and public class exams. Certainly, History and Century History and journalist Henrytta, once again, thinks deeply involved in all the hilarious conflicts and misfortunes in the city, and she tells her about everything that goes on. Hogback can be read and enjoyed separately. Read other books in this LOL series, though they all make great additions to any of the libraries.