From a defensive monster to a personal jacket. Mark Gastinea

If you are, or have ever been a fan of NFL defensive styles, no matter where your team's approach is, you admire or at least respected Mark Gastein. The New York Jets 6, 5, 265 pounds volcano, known for nearly a decade as New York's Jet 99, was a terrorist threat at the End of the Defense. The collection of amazing 100.5 sacks in the first 100 games as a professional footballer NFL became his favorite face as a family name. He also insulted his specific speed and strength during his short career in his career.

Marcus Dell Gastineau was born in Admira, Oklahoma, before transferring her parents to a small boy at the Springerville Restaurant in Argentina. He enjoyed his western landscape before cycling competitions among adolescents and adolescents, reaching the "Round Valley" high school at noon until the end. Football was in the interests of Mark, but with the father's exhortation he entered the idea and showed a tremendous promise because his high school career developed. Nevertheless, it was widely felt that the scouts or colleagues never had enough talent to provide scholarships or to educate them in general. Mark entered the Junior College College in Western Arizona in 1975, but was the highest honorable headquarters in America in the first month.

Due to the new attention of the interested parties, Gasten moved to Arizona State University, but lasted only a year at the end of a defense school. Their loss, of course, finally finally resolved their amazing body and thoughts in the small town of Odessa, to participate in the East Central Oklahoma State University. Try saying five times faster. Since it is practically impossible to do so and even more difficult to manage the brand or involve students, the name has changed in the Eastern Central University. During his tenure at the little school, Mark has collected 27 sacks and became, though not surprising, the first creator of the creator.

In 1979, Mark Gastein was prepared for New York James in the second round and the 41st general election in the NFL project. With his incredible talent, this was a matter of time before it was combined with the physical height and defensive pressure of the New York Seed Exchange line. In 1981, heavyweight crew gathered 66 sacks, four of which were Gasten, Joe Clacko, Martin Lyon and Abdul Salam. Mark had 20 of these sacks, Klecko, in which one and a half part of his hug was split. When the NFL officially started to maintain the Sack state in 1982, Gastineau was only six in that season but was named the best defender of the year in NFL. In 1983, the 19-year-old team won the 19th record in 1984 with a new record of 22 and in 1985 it was 13.5. From 1981 to 1985 More than 5 Pro Bowl games have been selected, All-Pro is selected for each of the same years.

1987 During the NFL attack, Marcos made a decision not to publish the picket line because of injuries and for the benefit of team members and team members of all team-mates. Shortly after the 1988 season, Mark Gastenau was ahead of the AFC sack, before he announced his retirement permanently as he announced the actress Brigit Nilsson's involvement. He touched upon the reason for his unexpected statement because he needed his support for his health during a hard time. Unfortunately, no one believes in the argument on his own, and as a result his integrity was challenged.

Mark Gastenau remained the leader of the NFL all-time park with 107.5 sacks at his fast hustle. In 1990, Mark succeeded in signing a two-year contract with the Canadian Football League "Lyon" over the past two years. Unfortunately, he was injured and released only in four games, in his reprized roll of books. Even during a turbulent turn of events, Gastineo ran the law that had been confiscated for domestic violence and drug charges. Later, he served in Rickers Island after eleven months of imprisonment. To this day he claims that he is a changed person, thanks to a new religion of faith. For him and for those who love him, we hope so.