Universal Integration Health Multi-Marketing Software Review

Integris Health Domain registered in 1996 In February, which means they have been a long time ago. Domain contacts originate from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Integris Health was founded in 1983, before anyone knew how to access the Internet and the goal of this MLM company is to finance the Oklahoma City Integris Baptist Medical Center. The MLM share of this company began in 1997. Larry Cantrell and Willam Kellas are these two companies. William Kellis also wrote several books. One is called the toxic crisis of survival and the other in the poisonous world.

Integris Health (which is often called Integris Global) is the most popular product of sale, called Life Lubricants. This product is made of rice and has seventy antioxidants. The company says that the effects of this product are instantaneous, and that faster absorption is exactly what the nature is intended. They sell another product called Kona Gold. This product consists of plastics and algae that accumulate around the Hawaiian oceans, and these seedlings and algae are extracted.

The company claims that all volcanic activity takes place in around 2000 deep sea water, which continues for centuries in a continuous state of nutritional enrichment. It forms what is called glacial milk, which is released from herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metal contamination. Integris Health also has a Paragon System product that is used for cleaning small items.

The MLM compensation plan is the only payment plan for Integris Health. The company pays 7% to 1-5% and 3%. Those over the age of 18 can join this program and the company has 7 products that you can sell them.

What have I read from the Integris brand name that has not been widely promoted or it still recognizes it as a serious player? Also, my notion is that these products are not yet approved by the FDA. Nevertheless, all this is justified with many MLM companies operating these days.

Trading Integris products can lead to more challenging sales than the main MLM programs available there. I say this because I do not see much on peripheral panels, consistent systems, advanced generation systems, or major collectors. So, at least the sale of the Internet can be a great fight. However, if you sell them for a little extra cash, for example, your church group can sell well.

The Integris Business Owners (IBO) Kit is just $ 29.95 to start, so it's too small to get the investment if you want to wet your feet and test the water. This start-up collection includes the Policy and Procedure Handbook, the IBO Application, and the Integris Marketing and Compensation Plan details. They also include retail receipts and pretty much optimism. Basing on the fact that the company has registered in its domain, and the fact that we have not seen complaints and low start-up costs, I will definitely say that this company is legitimate and does not put any red flag with us.