Anzio Beach: Father WW II memory

Responding to his initial notice, his father entered the army in 1943. Six weeks shyly on his 19th birthday. After the Texas boot lane, he was assigned to the 45th Struggle, the Oklahoma National Guard Division. The 45th was the Fourth Division consisting of Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, The Thunderbird, a symbol of South-West India's success, their slander.

A father from Oregon found Oklahoma and 45-year-old civilians, who were the dominant group of opponents. Their contribution, while fighting against the Germans at Anzio Beach is exceptional. After the luggage, Dad was immediately sent abroad, on his "military" ship, when he left New York, before he had a magnificent ropeway of Matson before preparing a military service.

"The sailboat was so overcrowded, we took a sleepy, twenty-four hour deck, watching it down the next 24 hours, and under the deck we kept our dirty bags we were split," says his father.

2002 It is January, as he and I were talking, the images of the war were invading Father's mind, the images that would be with him for the rest of his life. "Our division was the Atlantic part five days later, reaching the northern shore of Africa, just to Oran, from Oran to us." French railroad cars in Beirut, Tunis, when the French train passed, as they were going straight. "

"When we arrived at Bayerta, we were leaving in Pest, Italy, there in the afternoon when we arrived, if I remember, it was D-Day + after the Salerno Beach landing. turning into military equipment, all German artillery Germans were moving to the Germans, just drowning. Moving on the battle line every day, we gradually acquired space. "

When they squeezed the German forces through the mountains of Italy, in the 45th, "the roads were so steep and vibrate that the Japanese could not pass, they could not pass, men were hanging with pedestrians."

By German troops firing on a daily basis, the two men and the piles demanded supplies of night darkness. She remembers her face, her husband says: "A battle will be left, the next battle will bring the next battle to the third battle, then back to the first group, the second group, the third and so on."

At the beach of Anzio, the 45th division has been strangled as never before, and the campaign does not mean "hell anger." By creating the conditions, the whole seafront cup consisted of different types of trenches, teacups and gray, all were cold and filled with mud and silence. One day, my father jumped to cover what he thought was a empty bouquet and discovered inside the dead German.

"Our front was 10 miles long, half a mile or 5 kilometers deep and under continuous artillery. We had to go back to defensive lines and to destroy, but that did not hinder us from the enemy's fire. It was a narrow strip of land and we had to cross the canals.

"13-week training is a very similar experience in the war," adds mockery. However, "The Fighting 45th" has abandoned the German Anzio, learning the "Dear unit" link. Here, Anzio Beach, Italy, where his father was wounded.

"There were only two cars in the company while I was injured, I was a sergeant and one of the machine guns on one of the company's leaders."

My father remembers that the ground falls to the ground under the fire of German guns. His battalion was freeing and digging another when they were overburdened with an artillery fire. The father overcomes the memory, "drowned one bullet beside a man". The man immediately died, his head turned his head. ":

The cooling moments are kept as the father goes on. Instead of hitting the wig, his father shook his right foot and hit the thrower equal to the deviation. The pain was painful for his surprise. He became extremely thirsty and fell into the dining room of the deceased. Dad's dining room, which was attached to the canvases of web cameras, found that he was hit by a ricochet bullet. The top of the canteen was cut by layer and the contents were broken down.

Drugs reached the wounded, and his father and other wounded were taken to the field hospital, about three miles away. My father said: "The more you save your life, the faster you restore it." The father did not play with the victim and the restoration became a little smaller, smaller victories.

He spent two months in Naples Hospital (a former school girl in a hospital) where Dad's doctors told him to usually have the habit of learning or to find something normal, for example, to move his throat to the side. Youth and will have made them wrong.

In November 1944, at the age of 20, his father returned home from a front line on a crowded ship in the hospital. Now it is the past invasion. He stops and collects his thoughts. "Before coming home, I paid $ 5.00. Our travel time is from Naples to fort Charleston, South Carolina, for five days. We were below the deck below the deck of the two, and the ship was packed with the wounded. We all went home. ":

"Diarxian was sinking on the boat and waiting for the bathroom to be used was infinite because we were chocolate we ate in a pack and good food that we fed on the board." Men's good meals did not have months or years.

Before his work, his father spent three months in a veteran hospital, aggressively struggling with his injury until he was walking on the heaviest foot. Like others, he has tried to put aside memory. Sometimes, however, with the ironic humor of war, he sheds light on the head of his head, not on his head. It is known that as a result of the attack, "I was the best of all people in that band, and many people were killed in Anzio on that day."

Anzio's invasion lasted four months, historically estimating as a country with the worst-ever surprise attack on the enemy, it was also one of the fastest successful combat operations in the WWII. For united forces, he has completed several goals, including the Army's ability to engage in southern Italy.

Before that Father was awarded the heart of our country and the bronze star, which was mentioned for the worthy military service. The Bronze Star Award is impressive for its grandchildren, but, like many true heroes, the story of her "worthy military service" is a story that her father did not want to describe.

World War II veterans are a generation that leaves us alone. My father died on August 3, 2005, three months later, 2005. My husband and I went to Italy. What I have found, the Scenarios of World War II have been largely filled with Italy's collective memory because people then lived or grew old or died.


* Anzio Beach, which is "one of the WW II's most beloved combat operations," is a significant battlefield for German progress in Southern Italy, certainly a small point on the map, on the coast of Rome. and Naples. In the 21st century Italian economy is heavily dependent on tourism, tourists do not involve Anzio Bich, some historians know a lot.