DiAnn Mills's "Confidence in Confidence"

Author The readers of the DiAnn Mills tree are full of readers with their newest book, Violation of trust: , 2009 in March.

The story of the heroine, Pierce Rogers, is a former CIA operative, who appeared in a small town in Oklahoma City. For the protection of his family and loved ones he even falsified his death and changed his identity.

The city's librarian finds she has a perfect cover until her former head, Daniel Kerry, finds her and threatens her if she does not cooperate with her. To make it worse, he will become the next governor of Oklahoma.

The hero of the story is Miley Leyd, the middle school football coach. He does not hide his interest in Paige, but he keeps away from his hidden past and threatening future. Dangerous circumstances bring them together in a breathtaking race to save a child's life.

This is a great story that you do not want to miss. Here are some things I especially enjoyed Violation of trust: :

    Faithful characters

"The author was a pistol packer, as if he lived alongside him. Paige Davis is realistically portrayed as a professional secret agent and a small city book. Miles Laird is a godly man who takes care of Paige and his pupils and will do whatever is necessary to protect everyone. Daniel Kerry's character is very well written, and the reader is written in his thoughts in one aspect (see next paragraph).

    POV technique

– DiAnn Mills made a brilliant move by writing a story of a traditional third person, but using the first man for the character of Daniel Kerry. This technique allows us to enter inside the enemy's dirty mind. It is interesting:

    Roll Twist Galore!

– Preparation of the great clarity readings has been discovered at land points that the reader does not expect. Mills removes all this with excellent skill.

If you do not expect unexpected, dangerous, and disgraceful behavior, do not worry about DiAnn Mills reading "Confidence Violation."