3-4 Famous pioneers of defense

Bud Wilkinson developed 3-4 defenses in the late 1940s. He was the chief coach of Oklahoma's Sooners when they won three national championships and 14 conference titles.

In the early 1970's, Billy Aberberg developed 3-4 defenses when he was the chief coach of the Miami Dolphins. He helped spread the schedule using it successfully.

Chuck Fairbanks presented NFL 3-4 protection. In 1974, in the second season of New England Patriots' chief coach, he almost dropped 3-4 defenses. In fact, he used the scheme as a defense of his team's base. He learned 3-4 protection when he was in college and used it when he became the Chief Coach of Oklahoma.

Another great name in football, 3-4 goals in the NFL, will be Boom Phillips. He used 3-4 protection when he was still a Houston Oilers defender. It was before the team's head coach.

The mine Stram, located at the Pro Footbal Hall of Fame, used 3-4 protection to win the championship 40 years ago. But then, like all others, he has never been stuck in a scheme.

Another pioneer from 3-4 defenders will be Joe Coler. He was the first to use 3-4 defenses during his time as a Defensive Coordinator for Buffalo Bills. It's 45 years ago. Though he was considered a pioneer, he still did not use that 3-4 protection.

3-4 protection has many options, each of which has been created by different people. Therefore, this scheme has different styles of different people who have created it.

For example, Dick Lebo was an example of a Steelers defender. He was a star defending Ohio state in 1959. Browns's selection project. He is the kind that wants to work and create 3-4 defenses that attack every corner and direction. This style enhances the whole area of ​​the field, which is a major risk for its subdivisions, if all rushers are taken away. But he is still in danger. This was a completely different 3-4 protection than the Rutigiano used in the 1980s.

In the late 1980's, the New York giants won two Super Bowls, making them one of the NFL's best teams. The cause of their success was the brutal 3-4 protection. Harry Carson and Lawrence Taylor have two HOF lines. Bill Belicic was a defensive coordinator. They said that he used the success of the Gentiles in 1991. Browns's head coach.

Last year, 3-4 defense lost to Brown with 462 points, including 58 in just one game. After all, if not 3-4 defense geniuses, Belicic has never received the Cleveland's work.

3-4 protection is the alignment used by Romeo Kennelel for his four modes as a Browns coach. It was the same sample that helped Belici, Kenan, and Mangini, over three decades ago, winning the Superbowls by Patriots.

Football history has gone a long way, so it is difficult to follow and follow its path. The people mentioned here are considered to be big names in American football. Bill Arnsparger, Chuck Fairbanks, Dick LeBeaus, Bill Belichick, all contributed to the popularity of the 3-4 scheme. They also made changes. However, despite the ambitions of 3-4 ambitions, it is still considered one of the best football defenders.