A great tragedy, if your dog strangles a communal worker on your possessions

We have three dogs inside and outside dogs. During the day we play them while we work. The problem we have is not with dogs, but a helpful company that came in my yard last week. Both of my dogs are very friendly, but they mean too much (blond). The communal man walked unexpectedly and collided in the yard and was trapped, as he could not move the gas counter to the floor. I was ill at the hospital and had to rescue the worker. He threatened my dogs and said that if he approached, he was going to hit his trailer. How can I help keep people out of my property? Who should I report to him for his threat? I think he should lose his job because he was breaking. In Lori Oklahoma, OK.

Lori-Lori-Lori … The truth is that your communal worker did not really break up. Many states have adopted laws to protect public employees who decide that their work should go in your yard or walk in your front yard and so on. The truth is that they are attacked by dogs every day and they must be protected. how much do you do Your dog did his job, and it was so helpful. Good combination.

Since you are in Oklahoma, you should know that your country has passed HB2813 in 2006, which protects these professionals against dogs and is responsible for the dog owners who allow their dogs to attack these workers (this project speaks for fines and possible imprisonment dog owners). So now let's make peace with a good person, because he has a hard work. I suggest that you call a utility company and ask them when they are typically required to enter your property so that you can safely store Puthus in a safe place. Utility companies welcome these calls and will work with you to plan a safe time for their employee to visit.

This is not a battle that will win, but let alone be ALL friends … Good luck, DogMan: