Trevo Compensation Plan Review

The Trevo Compensation Plan was developed by Mark and Holly Stevens by Trevo LLC, a network network that started in 2010. It is in February and is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Trevo is a liquid nutritional supplement that benefits energy, weight management and cardiovascular health, and this is a simple revision of the compensation plan and business opportunity.

The Trevo Compensation Plan is a one-line matrix system that means you can use the distributors that join the company then. Elite Executive Power Start System: There are many ways to become a Distributor for a $ 25 key engagement, up to $ 1200. You are required to save a monthly automatic order to stay active and pay. There are eight ways to get money, including retail sales, commissions, and management bonuses. The Compensation Program provides a 40% prepayment that starts with a $ 50 preferred customer's price for a $ 20 bottles, $ 1200 for an elite executive power system that costs $ 480. the electric system began paying $ 200 to $ 3 for a bottle of $ 12 for the Elite Executive Power Start System with a $ 1200 product worth $ 96 for $ 8. In order to survive well, there will be significant product and / or collector distributors.

The main product, Trevo, is formed of natural and domestic additives and claims to contain 174 foods, such as greens, acai berries and butter calcium. It's PH balanced, 100% vegetarian and handy, and is useful for both ages and older.

Though the Trevo compensation program and the Trevo product seem to be realistic, this is still a network marketing. In this area, business opportunities have a high level of fluctuations and a person must do their best to avoid failures and realize that all network marketing, multilateral and interconnected marketing opportunities require great effort. You need to gain knowledge in driving traffic platforms, such as article marketing and video marketing, a clear tutor and to help them succeed.