3 free basketball choices – 1/25/06

Free Basketball Pick # 1

Spurs @ Hornets: The Hornets won the last time this two played Oklahoma City. The Spurs blew the Hornets when they played in San Antonio, so both teams had to have a proper blue printing on how to win one another. This, of course, will help the Hornet if JR Smith returned. San Antonio wins a mobile rifle, but loses 98-96

Free Basketball Pick # 2

Cavaliers @ Hawks: Call it courage, but I think this will be the first sale for the year. And Cleveland, with Antelias, is unable to handle Atlanta. Are Hawks fully focused on LeBron or do not have what they need to do? Cleveland wins 106-102, but loses stiff play. Take this game also.

Free Basketball Pick # 3

Sonics @ Jazz: One of the small things that the team (rebounding, passing, playing defense, etc.) is not used in Seattle. Utah plays so many election bribes, which include Storton and Maloney, still there. Seattle will fight for jazz. The seventieth winner won 95-80. Attend with your common bet against Utah.