Pre-Hypertension, High Blood Pressure and Functional Food

Recently, many scientists have studied the relationships between pre-election hypertension, high blood pressure, and functional food. Although healthy foods are usually functional, scientists are studying specific foods that use enhanced anti-inflammatory properties that deliver the basic healthy nutrition.

Interesting results were found in hypertension, preterm hypertension, and the following foods.


Prof. Arpita Bassu, of the University of Oklahoma's Satte University, conducted a study at the University of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City Health Center to find out how to sugar the beneficial effect for preventive hypertension, where pressure is often but not consistently diagnosed with hypertension. After 8 weeks, daily dose of 2 cups of bladder blueberry, pre-selection hypertension was seen by 8 points below the systolic pressure.

Nuts and walnut oil.

Researchers who appear in an article in the Journal of American College Nutrition have been preparing an innovative study by looking at blood pressure, intentional stress situations, and nut relationships. The participants dropped nine nuts per day and found that the nuts and walnut oil included in the diet had a lower effect on both relaxation and stress.


Phygereo and Archangel's doctors in Florida are published in the Hyperthon American magazine with a preliminary study of hypertension and watermelon assessment. Watermelon contains amino acids that have a vasodilating effect. L-citrulline, eaten by the body, is processed by L-arginine and produces nitrogen oxide in the blood. Nitric oxide maintains a healthy level of blood pressure. Six weeks of experience for six participants, six grams of amino acid L-citrulline / L-arginine containing watermelon extract, significantly reduce the pressure level and Figueroa, watermelon L-citrulline.

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