Coping with Multiple Sclerosis – 10 things for your checklist when traveling with MS

Traveling is stressful enough even without multiple sclerosis. Any discomfort caused by traveling may exacerbate symptoms. But there are ways to make yourself comfortable, even when you're on the go. Your multiple sclerosis should not prevent you from moving forward with your life. Before you get from point A to point B, make sure you have these ten things.

1. Medicines.

Make sure you have enough and a little extra during your trip. They should be kept where you can easily access them. They should be easily accessible on your person when traveling by airplane. Even if you do not need a dose during the flight, it is important that you have access to them if complications occur or if the flight takes longer than you expect. This is also the best way to avoid losing them.

2. Sweater or blanket.

Keeping the temperature under control helps to keep something warm that can be easily removed.

3. Travel bottle bottle.

If you are not at home, you may have a harder time remembering hydration. Going somewhere in hot weather is only worse for you. Keep it clean and full so you never stop drinking it.

4. Meal Plan.

Following a healthy meal can be really difficult during your vacation. Frequently eating out can worsen the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Check with your airline about meals and learn about healthy food at the hotel.

5. Shower chair.

Most hotels can provide you with this, so call ahead to check it out if you need it. Rope soap is another great shower tool for those who are easy to hold MS and don't slip.

6. Shoulder bag or Fanny pack.

It can be used throughout the trip. It keeps your hands free and allows you to carry everything you need at all times.

7. First floor.

When booking a hotel room, it is ideal for a low floor with few stairs and access to the elevator.

8. Travel agency.

They are usually very good at arranging accommodation for people with special needs. If you can rent it, it will be a lot of stress when planning your trip.

9. Friend.

Traveling alone can be much more stressful. Even if you don't need a lot of help, it is always good to have a business.

10. Mouth.

While this may seem obvious, it can be the most important asset of your travels, especially by plane or train. If you need anything, talk! A flight attendant or other employee will be happy to welcome you if you need anything.