Future Trading Forex

Profit from forex trading in the currency of F & # 39; yuchersah significant. The difference between the two instruments Var & # 39; iruetstsa from actual search realities such as the history of each, of about & # 39; objective viewers, and their importance in the modern forex markets, to more specific issues such as the fee for the transaction, profitability, access to liquidity , ease of use and technical and educational support, the resulting sources of each service. These differences pounce below:

More about the & # 39; Volume = Improved Liquidity. Daily on the & # 39; the amount of f & # 39; yuchersav on the CME is now less than 2% of a & # 39; the volume that is seen every day in the forex markets . Incomparable liquidity – one of the many advantages that forex markets are compressed more than the currency of F & # 39; yuchersav. To tell the truth this is old news. Any currency professional can tell you that cash was king since the dawn of the modern currency markets in the early 1970s. Current news is that individual dealers from every forex risk profile now have full right to take advantage of the opportunities offered in the forex markets.

Forex markets provide a tougher proposal to offer an increase than the currency markets of F & # 39; yuchersav. By folding the f & # 39; yuchersav to evaluate its cash, you can readily see that in the example of USD / CHF has ended invertatsyya f & # 39; yuchersnay selling price. Increase of 5 points available for the currency markets.

Forex markets offer higher advantage and lower margin charge than those found in the trading currency of F & # 39; yuchersami. When trading currency of F & # 39; yuchersami buyers have one margin charge for "day" buy and sell, and the other – for the "night" of the situation. These rates forex margin may vary depending on the size of the business. When trading cash markets, you have access to the same margin in the day and night. Of course, trading on margin equally increases your income and your losses.

In the forex market using easily understood, and the world, the terms and quotes expenses. F & # 39; yuchersnyya currency quotes – inversion of monetary value. For example, if the current price of USD / CHF is 1.77100 / 1.7105, the future corresponds to .5894 / .5897; a method that is used only within the framework f & # 39; yuchersnyh trades.

F & # 39; yuchersnyya charges have additional difficulties in advance FX part, which takes account of the time factor, interest rates and percent mismatch declared in different currencies. On forex markets do not require such changes, mathematical manipulation or thought for the interest rate factor f & # 39; yuchersnyh agreements.

Transactions in the Forex market, implemented through FOREX.com, are taken free of charge *. Currency f & # 39; yuchersy have the extra baggage of trading commissions, trade fees and charges.