The Hambupper

The Hamburg Steak, which was called in the 1800's, served from Germany to the United States. The meat was cooked very quickly and served on two pieces of bread. For catching sailors and European visitors, their food is served by vendors. They would suggest Hamburg's style in the menu.

The American style of Hamburgian steak with a solid culture has been in line with the demands of the late 1800s, serving as the Congressional women's Rosa De Lauren.

In 1900, two pieces of bread were served in America, serving a diet mogul Louis Lassen, Louis Louisiana's lunch host, in New Haven, Connecticut. This is a disputable fact. We will give you some names and places for hamburgers in the United States.

Fletcher Davis sold at Atters from Texas in the late 1800s with burgers, in 1904.

Franck and Charles Menchez sold out of their sausage sandwiches at the district fair and started using the beef. It was registered in 1892 at the Summit of the Summit of the State of Ohio.

In 1885, Charles Nacreen was known as hamburger Charlie, who was preparing sandwiches that were easily cooked at the Seimur Fair, when it was only 15 years old.

In 1891, Oscars Bilby was the first to serve the Hamburg band Talsa Oklaahoma. 1995 Governor Frank Kingning announced that the first real hamburgers on the bucket were created and consumed in Talsa Oklahoma.

With 40 billion dollars served in the United States, of course, has become America's favorite sandwich. That can never happen, because in 1906, Whitton Sinclair's "Jungle" novel presented in detail the unfavorable parts of the meat packaging industry in America. Peanut was very careful because it was easy to add meat products, stuffing and preservatives

1921 Billy Ingram and Kansas Waller Anderson had the vision of opening a White Castle restaurant. It has become the success of today's fast food hamburgers. The White Castle restaurants were shining with purity, bringing the hamburger's reputation.

The following other national chains were as follows: McDonald's and In-n-Out Burger in 1948, Burger King 1954 and Wendy in 1969.

The combinations with hamburgers are endless without the ideas of ideas. Many of you have your favorite recipe for your choice of pyramids.

The next time you post your favorite fast food restaurant, fire or put on a grill on George Vanderbill, you will be aware of some of the hamburgers' evolution.

It's a good information on the ground beef and how our food has always had a little history.

Braums glacier

There is no better way to experience the driving force of the motion of the ice than to move on the ice. Ice skating is one of the favorite winter events ever. Oklahoma City has only its residents and visitors who blossom with the city of Braums Ice Skating. Brown Bowl is one of the most important additions to the Downtown OKC in December at Grand Loung in front of the City Hall music hall.

By measuring 62 feet (150 feet), the mountain range is easily identified as one of the largest south-western outdoor mountain ranges. It also means that the new rink is bigger than last year. It was an enormous popularity of the previous version, which prompted a bigger ring this year. This year's supplements include larger hotels for guests. The larger area of ​​the ropeway will help the crew more than their steps. The shiny new slides are also available to participants, up to the elderly.

The lease for two hours and sledges is $ 8. If you bring your own skate, you only charge 5 dollars. Drinks at the Braum & Ice Ice Rink Café include coffee, soda, hot cocoa, hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream. Visitors can enjoy the action, as well as their friends and family. Group tickets are offered for private persons. The boat is open from November 23 to January 1, and is open at noon on the weekend.

The rope is also close to major hotels that organize shuttle services in the city. The Braoms Ice Rink is just one of the many festivals and venues held in Oklahoma City in December. Others include OGE Garden Lights at Myriad Botanical Gardens, Holiday Lights, and the Oklahoman mayor's festive tree at Bricktown's canal and many more.

3-4 Famous pioneers of defense

Bud Wilkinson developed 3-4 defenses in the late 1940s. He was the chief coach of Oklahoma's Sooners when they won three national championships and 14 conference titles.

In the early 1970's, Billy Aberberg developed 3-4 defenses when he was the chief coach of the Miami Dolphins. He helped spread the schedule using it successfully.

Chuck Fairbanks presented NFL 3-4 protection. In 1974, in the second season of New England Patriots' chief coach, he almost dropped 3-4 defenses. In fact, he used the scheme as a defense of his team's base. He learned 3-4 protection when he was in college and used it when he became the Chief Coach of Oklahoma.

Another great name in football, 3-4 goals in the NFL, will be Boom Phillips. He used 3-4 protection when he was still a Houston Oilers defender. It was before the team's head coach.

The mine Stram, located at the Pro Footbal Hall of Fame, used 3-4 protection to win the championship 40 years ago. But then, like all others, he has never been stuck in a scheme.

Another pioneer from 3-4 defenders will be Joe Coler. He was the first to use 3-4 defenses during his time as a Defensive Coordinator for Buffalo Bills. It's 45 years ago. Though he was considered a pioneer, he still did not use that 3-4 protection.

3-4 protection has many options, each of which has been created by different people. Therefore, this scheme has different styles of different people who have created it.

For example, Dick Lebo was an example of a Steelers defender. He was a star defending Ohio state in 1959. Browns's selection project. He is the kind that wants to work and create 3-4 defenses that attack every corner and direction. This style enhances the whole area of ​​the field, which is a major risk for its subdivisions, if all rushers are taken away. But he is still in danger. This was a completely different 3-4 protection than the Rutigiano used in the 1980s.

In the late 1980's, the New York giants won two Super Bowls, making them one of the NFL's best teams. The cause of their success was the brutal 3-4 protection. Harry Carson and Lawrence Taylor have two HOF lines. Bill Belicic was a defensive coordinator. They said that he used the success of the Gentiles in 1991. Browns's head coach.

Last year, 3-4 defense lost to Brown with 462 points, including 58 in just one game. After all, if not 3-4 defense geniuses, Belicic has never received the Cleveland's work.

3-4 protection is the alignment used by Romeo Kennelel for his four modes as a Browns coach. It was the same sample that helped Belici, Kenan, and Mangini, over three decades ago, winning the Superbowls by Patriots.

Football history has gone a long way, so it is difficult to follow and follow its path. The people mentioned here are considered to be big names in American football. Bill Arnsparger, Chuck Fairbanks, Dick LeBeaus, Bill Belichick, all contributed to the popularity of the 3-4 scheme. They also made changes. However, despite the ambitions of 3-4 ambitions, it is still considered one of the best football defenders.

2010 GMC Ambassador

2010 The ambassador will be a sports compact car designed in a four-door SUV body style and will be offered with a choice of four wheels or a rear wheel.

2010 The ambassador will be seen as a medium size SUV and the model will be organized in two different locations. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Morina, Ohio. The next generation version will be used in four-door SUV body style and will use the GMT 360 platform.


The engine of the next generation engine has not yet been determined, and it is expected that it will be included with a 4.2 liter LL8 I-6 engine and will also receive a 5.3L LM4 V-8 engine as optional. The car engine will be released at four speeds for automatic transmission.

Physical dimensions:

The new embassy model will be presented at two different levels: GMC Envoy base sports utility and Enudio Denali sports utility. The Volvo SUV will work with a 4.2 liter I-6 engine that produces up to 213 kilograms of engine, 6000 rpm and a rotating speed of 373 Nm at 4600 rpm.

Next Generation 2010 The ambassador will have a 112-inch wheelbase. The height and width of the new model will be 72 inches and 75 inches, respectively. The 2010 model will look like Saab 9-7x, Buick Rainer, Oldsmobile bravado, Chevrolet SSR, Isuzu Ascender and Chevrolet Trailblazer.

DiAnn Mills's "Confidence in Confidence"

Author The readers of the DiAnn Mills tree are full of readers with their newest book, Violation of trust: , 2009 in March.

The story of the heroine, Pierce Rogers, is a former CIA operative, who appeared in a small town in Oklahoma City. For the protection of his family and loved ones he even falsified his death and changed his identity.

The city's librarian finds she has a perfect cover until her former head, Daniel Kerry, finds her and threatens her if she does not cooperate with her. To make it worse, he will become the next governor of Oklahoma.

The hero of the story is Miley Leyd, the middle school football coach. He does not hide his interest in Paige, but he keeps away from his hidden past and threatening future. Dangerous circumstances bring them together in a breathtaking race to save a child's life.

This is a great story that you do not want to miss. Here are some things I especially enjoyed Violation of trust: :

    Faithful characters

"The author was a pistol packer, as if he lived alongside him. Paige Davis is realistically portrayed as a professional secret agent and a small city book. Miles Laird is a godly man who takes care of Paige and his pupils and will do whatever is necessary to protect everyone. Daniel Kerry's character is very well written, and the reader is written in his thoughts in one aspect (see next paragraph).

    POV technique

– DiAnn Mills made a brilliant move by writing a story of a traditional third person, but using the first man for the character of Daniel Kerry. This technique allows us to enter inside the enemy's dirty mind. It is interesting:

    Roll Twist Galore!

– Preparation of the great clarity readings has been discovered at land points that the reader does not expect. Mills removes all this with excellent skill.

If you do not expect unexpected, dangerous, and disgraceful behavior, do not worry about DiAnn Mills reading "Confidence Violation."

Lake Tekoma huts for rent

LakeTekoma's cabin rentals, which appeal to many families, are landscaped, somehow isolated that you do not share in the host neighborhood or in someone's favorite music list or your favorite music.

Here are some of the most common ones.
Alberta Creek Resort
Big Mineral Camp
Buncombe Creek Marina
Catfish Bay
Sedara Baiu:
Cedar Mills
Cumberland Cove Inc. Company Information
Folding Wells Marina
Great Potential Point:
Highport Resort and
Lighthouse resting place
Little Glasses Resort
Newberry Creek Resort and Marina
Soldier Creek Resort and Marina
Walnut Creek

Before searching for a rental lease, first determine your budget as there are many orange and camping areas that are somewhat inaccessible for most families. The prices may fluctuate from $ 50.00 up to $ 125.00 per day, with weekly interest rates lower.

Lake Texoma's camera hire can be more expensive than traditional apartments, but it's well worth the extra cost. Renting a cottage can be an exciting adventure for a fishing trip for you and your family. Enjoying the rustic atmosphere of the kitchen, staying at a motel can make your fishing trip even more memorable.

Texas Tekke is located in the Red River. The pool level is about 615 fluoros per year, ranging from 5 to 8 flux per year. The normal lake water is moderately cleaned. Lake Texoma has a surface area of ​​74,686 acres and a maximum depth of 100 meters.

In conclusion: This is a beautiful lake in the north-east of Texas and in South Oklahoma. If you make a state-level fishing license in Oklahoma State, make sure you have a fishing license from Oklahoma.

Golden Barn Family Fierce Market

The golden goose rice market in the OKC is open weekly and offers family shopping stores and stalls offering all kinds of things, including antiques, home decor, clothing, art, furniture, candles, incense, cosmetics, perfumes, shoes, hangers, toys, gifts, collections, tools, and more. In short, this is where you get all sorts of vital products.

The Golden Goose also offers great fun for the whole family. Examples of events held at different times at the Golden Fever Family Fury Market include Sunshine's HO Scale Model Train Villages, Midsouth Pro-Wrestling, and Celtic Celebration. Some of these measures allow customers to purchase a special product. The Celtic Celebration, for example, offers the products of the Celtic heritage of the British Isles. They include Celtic souvenirs, as well as imported products from Ireland, Scotland and Great Britain. It also gives an opportunity to witness great performances by Irish and Celtic dancers and musicians.

A visit to the golden goose fish market in the OKC weekend was well spent for young and old people. Here, products do not exceed the roof price. The Golden Goose offers affordable entertainment and shopping for the whole family.

Vacations at OKC hotels can feel downstream in shopping on the Golden Fox family fierce market. It's a unique experience, where you can shop and have a good time with family and friends, proud moments that can not be compared to anything else.

Rockabilly piano players have made a great contribution to the music of rocky music

When many rockabilly's contemporaries think about the genre, that is the idea that comes from the idea of ​​a three-part group consisting of a drummer, keyboard bassist, and a singer playing an electric guitar. It is a class of ordinary rockabilly in modern times. But the piano played a key role in rock music long ago. Let's look at some rockabilly activities that make the piano an important part of their voice.

  1. Jerry Lee Lewis: This is obvious. Jerry Lee, "The Killer", is known for its crazy piano anti-Turks and style. Lewis began as a man sitting on Sam Phillips's Memphis Recording Service studio and played piano at San Records (which also belonged to Phillips). Until Philips gave Lewis his shot and he did the best. Lewis has played and acts as a wild man and really puts the piano on the fire literally at least in one case. She was a proud showman in her style and playing. Lewis has set the standard for rock and rock pianists years ago.
  2. Big Al Downing: Big Al was a bit rare in her early age. He was an ordinary boy from Oklahoma, who taught him to play a piano with an old, half-operative trick that someone gave his parents. He started playing the country's music, which is rare for a white musician, but for a black man (actually, only 14 years old, when he first noticed), the country's music was unusual. He also took a lot of things from the R & B piano players and his R & B game, which eventually landed on him, playing with Bobby Poe and Poe Cats. After all, Poe Cats became Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson band, and they traveled with him as well as in his most successful recordings in the "Let's Party" series. Downing's piano play became the most part of Wanda's voice. Downing continues playing music and playing with innumerable artists until his death.
  3. Sonya Burning and Pacers: Sonny Burgess and his band The Pacers were the wildest action rockabilly. In addition to the piano, their columns included a trumpet, as far as I know they were the only rockabilly band to show this instrument. Pacers's pianist was Kern Kennedy, Phillips became a pianist when Jerry Lee struck a big blow. Finally, Kennedy was sitting with Byuring and two of his long-time friends. Kennedy's style was very similar to Lewis and was filled with Burgess's practices.
  4. Jerry Lee's Smoochy Smith: Yep; Another pianist named Jerry Lee. Smith became one of the pianist Samuel Phillips and in 1957-1959 he appeared on numerous Sun records. His style was like the other Jerry Lee, and both are already known as innovators in the voice of the "pompous piano" of the day. He played on recordings of Billy Lee Riley, Warren Smith, Aki Kennedy and others, though she was not often written on her recordings as she was young and naive and did not belong to the musicians' union. Sometimes Lewis was captured and Jimmy Wilson's name was used the other time.
  5. Charlie RichRich is another huge name that was written at Sun Records. He brought more piano and piano music for his royal recordings, and, in the future, it would become a musical star.

The music that these men make with their piano is like every one of them, like rogue, like records without piano. The piano brought a different dimension to the royal music, and these pianists brought a lot of seduction to the rockabilly stage.

Mikayel Mikayelyan's Murder: Mother Punishment Vs Detained

This article examines the death penalty in cases of murder, in particular, one case. Although many people support death penalty and have good reasons for dealing with such a controversial issue, I will present deep personal and convincing evidence to show why I do not support the death penalty.

Severe Murder and Effects

1982 On January 15, a 29-year-old man was killed in a nightclub parking lot at the birthplace of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and was thought to be his closest companion. A young man, brother, brother and another parent of the victim. A very talented man, he built and sold wooden furniture and played drums. He has worked on everything and he has many friends.

Her murderer twice shot in the breast and once in the abdomen, but does not stop simply to kill her. He broke into a 50-mile murder area where he was drowned in a well as a garbage bag. The road crew found the body five days later. The man was robbed and his clothes were partially removed. 1982 On January 30, the Oklahoma City Police Department informed the victim and her family of death.

The murder trial started in 1982. After April and 22 minutes of discussion, seven women, five-year jury, 27-year-old Dennis Ray Benton were found guilty of the first-class slaughter and later sentenced him to 70 years in prison.

Every three years, when the sentence of Benton is to take place, the victim's sister interrogates the Oklahoma Conditional Early Termination Committee so as to arrest him. Though he did not want his life to be taken as he took his brother's life, he felt that he had to serve his whole punishment. She is afraid she is suffering more for her crime, living in prison, where she will suffer for a short time. If Benton lives for a long time to release his sentence, which has been reduced to age 46, a person under 73 will be released from prison without income and is very worried about the survival.

My elder brother, Michael, should not die in that terrible and tragic way. However, it seems logical that the state of Oklahoma had to take Benton's life, and Michael could not afford to kill him.

Although I am still severely damaged by the death of my brother, I do not believe that I would like my family to be Beninton's death penalty or to help me. Yes, Bennett has taken us from Michael, but in any way, including the mandate of the government, human life is intentional, still killing.

Judgment of death

Since 1976, judicial death has killed 1,184 Americans with 20 deaths in 2011. As journalist William Boll asked, in 1977, countries in Western Europe and Cambodia abolished the death penalty, why the US still killed in order to show that the murder was wrong. When other nations are united in practice, the United States has a different position regardless of the consequences.

In 34 countries in the United States, practically, they use "eye-eye, toothpaste," for those who commit vile and barbaric crimes, such as murder. In addition to the satisfaction that every interested party observes when a person realizes that his death has come to an end, how can we justify the same offense that the offender has committed to administer justice and to close the victim? friends and families. How could the second man be killed correctly when the first person was killed when no one was killed but two or more lives?

Bedouin: Fantasy argument

I would like to serve as an example by Gary Colwell, a professor of philosophy, He presents the fantastic world of philosopher Hugo Bedouin, establishing the morality of death. And if each murderer's performance at the same time restored the victim, as did the murder ever.

Bedou, in his argument, said:

Think about … the imaginary world where the assassin will be constantly restoring the murder victim to life, integrity and inviolability, as if there was no murder. In such a wonderful world it is difficult to see how anyone can be executed on a moral basis to death. Why should not a murderer die if innocent the innocent victim will take his life? What can be the moral mistake of taking the life of a murderer in such circumstances?

If my brother's murder would return him to life, as if nothing had happened, my opposition to my death would not exist, because good would be good for misuse of evil. As a member of the family of the murder victim, the restoration that I will receive from the victim of the murderer's life, under Bedau, seemed not to be cruel because the "life for life" method of justice that some parts of our nation are using today.

The disadvantage of Bedouin's fantastic global argument makes it difficult to make a decision whether to take a murderer wrong if it were to be a crime, for the death penalty would represent the moral justice that we all know that the act can not kill itself. If Benton's life ended, and Michael and his life were restored, the expression "life for life" would no longer exist, since Michael will no longer kill a murderer and Benton is a longer murderer who performed Benton's immoral acts.

Why was he killed?

The point is that a person may be able to get out of another man without murder murders. To make a murderer, another murder must be committed, which forces the state to perform the performance, and the supporters of the execution have the same distressing tendencies as the murderer.

The majority of murderers feel that the murderer should receive the same treatment as the victim. When my family and I learned about Michael and the murder, we felt the same way. That way of thinking and feeling was perceived when we thought Benton should survive for his crime, and he would not pay what he did, if he had been executed.

Life vs. Death

In addition to my arguments against the death penalty, I have already filed for reasons, I also investigate the death penalty, the term of imprisonment without punishment, and why it is more punishable than the performance. Some people think that the life of a murderer in life, never seeing the outside world, does not provide a sufficient punishment. but I feel that without the verdict of the sentence of life, and in Benton, where he will punish almost life imprisonment, he is punishing me for my brother's sister.

Contrary to what many people think that convicts who face life sentences are not easy. Though they have a lot of things, such as television, access to the library, and educational opportunities, they actually have more worries than in just a minute, not the inmates, beaten by other detainees and constantly subjected to sexual violence.

The reality of the detention of prisoners differs mainly from what we, as non-prisoners, imagine. True life prisoners pay for their crimes, and in order to support my statements, I will present examples of why "livers" pay as a price to live a murder for an effective member of society. My illustration consists of seven side by side comparisons in our lives outside of our external life.


  1. Residential area. We can choose our living space and decorate it as we see it is appropriate. Lifton's living space usually consists of 6 & # 39; x 10 & # 39; cell with a toilet, a sink and bed. Decoration should correspond to prison policy.
  2. Time: We can spend our time in any way. The performer has to spend his time as he is buried through prison dynamics and governance. Time moves slowly and takes days.
  3. Work and education. We spent some of our time in our jobs, for which we receive not less than the minimum wage. If life deals, he earns every week from $ 1.00 to $ 20.00. We can spend our money in any way that we choose, but it does not have a real place to spend money, and now, in addition to the walls, to earn a degree.
  4. Family and friends. We can choose the time we spend with our family and friends, and we participate in the activities if we lose a friend or family member, we can attend the funeral. An entire life can not choose a family and a time spent with friends, and most of the survivors will stop visiting. If a relative loses a friend or family member, the prison rules and policies prohibit the prisoner from being present at the funeral.
  5. Freedom. We have freedom, coming and going, choosing freedom of speech and control in everyday life. The performer has very limited freedom. Prisoners who practice freedom of expression in such an unstable environment often get severe injuries or lose their lives.
  6. Thoughts. We have our possessions that we enjoy. Lifers do not have many subjects, and they have stolen a little. For convicts who struggle for their possessions, sometimes they become brutally wounded or killed.
  7. Conscience: We have not committed a murder, so we should not live by sin. We should not live with the terrible fact that we have taken another person's life. Some animals have no conscience or soul, but those who do every day should look in their mirror and live with what they do. Innocence can physically and emotionally overnight for a person, and many people's lives suffer from health problems and die prematurely.

Career Advancement:

Even everything that I have already demonstrated, some will always defend the death penalty and still feel that punishment for "life for life" is moral, which is their right. 2005 In an interview with Sister Helen Prenzan, how the applicants often treat family members of the killings, editor of the American magazine George. M. Anderson presented the story of Prejean that criminals with their sights of judges often look for death penalties to raise their political career.

How can we justify the victim of human life, even the cold assassin as a means of professional advancement? How do we learn our children and grandchildren about the importance of human life and then show the opposition using the judicial system as a weapon of murder?

The debate

When we consider the death penalty and imprisonment without punishment, we must take into account the values ​​that should be overwhelming in the determination of the penalty for the offense. What a public purpose, except for the eternal absence of a murderer, is a death penalty. If the court makes a verdict after passing a verdict, the murderer family punishes the punishment as the murderer can no longer be harmed. Why should we punish innocent families?

Since 1994, lawyer Richard S. To refer to the comments. "Assuming that the death penalty is morally acceptable, and even theoretically constitutional, there is neglect, practical burden, which is punishable by society, its negative consequences prefer personal satisfaction, use it."

As a society, if we disagree with taking human life, why do we support the murder of the judge? What makes this murder less immoral than the crime of the person who committed it?

Innocent people are doing

We must also take into account the fact that, despite strong evidence of winning convictions, the life of innocent people has been executed. 1999 The "Christian Diary" shows an incident when Antony Porter was sentenced to death and 16 years after the death sentence when the journalist professor of the Northwestern University and his students reviewed his case and the police led the real murderer who confessed the murders. If Porter could not hear the news of his intellectual jurisdiction through judicial proceedings, and the help of the professor and his students, he would have committed an offense he did not. His verdict was only two days before it was scheduled for execution.

In 2001, he referred to the Christian Science Monitor in Illinois State Governor George Ryan to stop the assassination attempt in Illinois to prevent sanctions against innocent people. He also pointed out that unlawful convictions occur when police and offenders report evidence of fraud, and when advocates have been miserable for judicial representation.

The innocent person who executed the death is considered terrible as a crime of murder. When a person takes another person's life, it is a murder. and when the state is an innocent person, it is still a murder. How can there be any difference when two victims of the murders are innocent?

2007 Western correspondent Lora Saggins describes innocent people who have been convicted and executed for violent crime. He stated that law professor Brian A. Stevenson, representing the United States of the Deprived of Independent and Death Penalty, has received 125 deaths since the prisoners were found innocent.

The fact that many innocent people get death penalty is deeply troubling. No word can ever express grief for their families and friends if they have died for the crimes they have not done.

Advisors to the death penalty may think of how one of their friends or relatives was convicted and executed for murder, and five years later, the real murderer grabbed and confessed that his friend or relative died. Writer Mark Doow, who authored executions and commentaries on death penalty in 2005, has strongly condemned the death penalty when he states that the court can lift the verdict but can not cancel the verdict.

I know how I can feel if my brother Michael died for the murder that he did not fulfill instead of his death. In any case, he has gone, but the court trial does not convince people to kill. An example of a death sentence for trial judges is the basis for a condemned judicial system to get rich from the blood of others.

Additional Death Crimes

Writer Roth Morgan, author of numerous books and articles on criminal justice and criminal law, has supported the death penalty on the ground that violates human rights and fundamental freedoms. He pointed to something that should worry everyone. Many of the countries that have been executed in recent years have adopted laws that supplement crimes as qualifying as the capital, such as the murder of the president and the major drug trafficking.

If a friend or relative performs one of these additional crimes, even though it is a terrible offense, that person must be executed, or if he / she does not have a valid ratification, he / she will get a better solution so that he / she is really a crime.

The final thoughts

We should look deep inside and ask ourselves this question. If we were in judicial instances, we could, without taking into consideration the general public, condemn another person to die. Professor James S. Leeben asked the same question in 2007. "Why is the Court's position on death penalty for both detachments and deployments? Why is not the other, why she dances The court has interrupted a neighborhood and escaping. "

Now I'm back to my brother, Dennis Ray Benton. My family and I did not ask the court to look for death penalty, as in reality she would not suffer to take the life of our beloved. Bennett's murder would not be a mistake he did for our family.

The fact that Michael and the murderer live and suffer every day from the consequences of his actions comfort me. I see his suffering and the physical symptoms of his sufferings, which are more for me than his dead body lay on the ground.

Մայքլ Ջեքսոնի դեպքում, արդարությունը արդարացիորեն գերազանցեց առանց մահապատժի կիրառման:

* Անունը փոխվել է կեղծանուն `պաշտպանելու ընտանիքի գաղտնիությունը

Հեղինակային իրավունք 2011 Patti McMann. Բոլոր իրավունքները պաշտպանված են.

To win the online lottery

Lotto win is a success. A small cozy store, the 2nd station, has sold two Powerball winning tickets to the Adair County community, 137 Oklahoma 59, near Oak Creek. Argentina's Springdale's Eduard Proctor won $ 200,000, and two weeks later, in 2007. On December 8, someone won $ 600,000. She has 180 days in the Oklahoma City lottery to win the winnings. I've had three online lotteries. There is one thing if you do not get a ticket, you can not win.

August 25, 2007, Purchasing Powerball Tickets at $ 10, David Koterel of Riverside, Ohio, was awarded the 4th largest Powerball blocks in history. Jackpot's winning ticket was purchased at Richmond, Indiana Speedway.

2006 A group of eight employees at the ConAgra Foods factory in the city of Lincoln, Nebraska, February 22, has set a record $ 365 million worth of February 18th Powerball drawings.

Recently, Paris, France (AHN), has won three winning box offices with € 126 million in EuroMillion Lottery. Lottery takes place in nine European countries. The winners were awarded a $ 222 million equivalent. Two winning tickets were won in France, one in Portugal.

There are many lotteries, but it should only deal with the legitimate agents of licensed government lotteries. Legitimate agents have help tables for direct contact with their customers. They quickly resolve billing issues, credit card errors, exchange rate problems, and confirmation of ticket numbers. Legitimate agents are deeply concerned by the propagation of lottery campaigns that are offered by direct mail and e-mail. To avoid trickery and tricks, you only need to play government pretentious lotteries. If an online agent is contacted for you to earn money or get a consultation, you have won a lottery ticket that you did not purchase, avoid it. It's a shame. You must work with a legitimate government agent who publishes the winning results of the direct lottery.

The key to success is likely. If you use a combination of numbers that are only 5 percent likely to win, you can expect to lose 95 percent of the time.

The way you build your fortune is to avoid the previously created compositions. The number of recurring numbers is only 3405 per year. Avoid six consecutive numbers, such as 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. Avoid single numbers, such as all single numbers, all adolescents or all twenty. These combinations have never been won by lottery. Avoid absolute minimum and absolute maximum. Avoid multiple numbers like 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. Avoid first or last characters, such as 3, 13, 23, 33, 43, 53.

But everything can happen. 2008 On the weekend of February 24, all around the world were amazed at the Irish lottery, which has been unparalleled for many years. The winning numbers were 16, then 21 31, then 35, 36 for 18 – 16, 17, 18, 21, 31, 35, 36. the sequence, as they are very rare. So it was rare that there was no winner in the 1st division.

You need to deal with an online agent that has a very reliable customer's personal details and uses a certified technology to utilize the highest level of protection using proven encryption technology.